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  1. I have for sale the following items: $40.00 - Quick Reference for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, 5th Ed [Paperback] [Apr 15, 2013] Lindeburg PE, Michael R. $35.00 - Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, 13th Ed (Comprehensive Practice for the Mechanical Pe Exam) [Paperback] [Apr 15, 2013] Lindeburg PE, Michael R $50.00 - Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam HVAC and Refrigeration Problems, 2nd Ed [Oct 08, 2008] Elder PE, Keith E. $30.00 - Mechanical PE Practice Examination, 3rd Edition [Apr 15, 2013] Lindeburg PE, Michael R. $25.00 - PE Mechanical Engineering: HVAC and Refrigeration Practice Exam [Paperback] [Nov 01, 2016] Ncees $30.00 - 101 Solved Mechanical Engineering Problems [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2001] Lindeburg PE, Michael R. $140.00 - Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 13th Ed (Hardcover) $330.00 - TAKE THEM ALL Please contact me for additional information . I'd prefer to use paypal for payments, cost of shipping is included in the prices. Books are not highlighted or marked in. All work was done in notebooks. Images can be found here since the upload size is 1/2 MB...
  2. Took the FE in Oct 2013 (still in school) and took the PE Oct 2017 and passed. Doing work outside of work wears you down but I spent 3 hours a night for ~2 months and only had to do it once.
  3. It could be somewhat worse... I was diagnosed with Flu Strain A the night before the exam...
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