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  1. That'd be something. Also, to make their case like any good contractor would do, if it's followed up with the reasoning why installing the span first without any needed supports is a better solution than what was instructed per design. Not being a bridge guy myself, seeing a sequence of construction plan will really clear up the question to folks on if the span was placed before any needed temporary or permanent supports or if the slab post tensioning was all that was called for to keep the span in place temporarily and the structure was installed per the approved sequence.
  2. Yeah, they only installed the span from 10+00 to 11+75, so that support in the middle of the elevation is what you're seeing on the left of the posted photo.
  3. Yeah it's pretty saddening and I'm wondering if there are any still trapped in their cars. Also wondering what they will find on the resulting investigation. Would any of our bridge folks know if this was a unique type of ABC?
  4. Collapse of pedestrian bridge at FIU. The span had just been placed on Saturday.
  5. Awesome, thanks! Can't wait to check my mail tonight (fingers crossed)
  6. Hey Mcgurr, have you gotten your frameable certificate yet? I've gotten the envelope and wallet size licenses, but a co-worker of mine showed me her diploma-sized certificate with a cool seal on it too. It appears to be actually signed by the board members as well. The 'you passed' page on DPOR also mentioned something about the certificate.
  7. Thanks for this @Mcgurr, website is showing my name and number also!
  8. Ah, I see, that's weird. No, I can't see my name up on the website yet (I check daily). Don't worry though, we passed and did our part. It's just a matter of time!
  9. Thanks @SmilinEd! @Mcgurr I looked through my previous correspondence with DPOR (when they asked me to complete and send back the ethics exam) and noticed that they did include that 5 digit number in the subject line as SmilinEd mentioned - I did not find it in the body.
  10. No, my name hasn't been entered either (but good to know I'm not the only one searching on the license lookup!).
  11. Congrats all, has anyone gotten their PE license number in the mail yet?
  12. First attempt at the PE, passed the Construction depth here in VA. Was somewhat comfortable as I felt like I got enough to pass on the initial runthrough of problems, added to the 'cushion' of problems I looked for on the second pass. Each section had to randomly fill in maybe 3 or 4 when time ran out. Took the SOPE class before April, but did not end up taking the exam then. Used SOPE notes almost exclusively to study for October.
  13. Choosing Construction was daunting for me too because I was also hung up on the 60% passing rates for April 2017 (similarly low-ish pass rate for October 2016 as well). I knew, however, that Construction was the only discipline other than Structures I'd be interested in taking. So I then figured if I was going to have the statistics worry me, then I should sign up for a course like School of PE and think of it as significantly raising my chances of passing to their reported 88%! Sounded much better to me. I think what helped me get through the construction depth was accepting the fact that I'd have to live with its reliance on the other depth topics and keep brushed up on those. I think in a way it helped me with the morning portion of the exam too as I knew that if I didn't make the effort of getting to a comfortable level of understanding with an unfamiliar topic, it come back to bite me again on the afternoon session.
  14. I've got mine from VA yesterday - passed! Civil Construction, first time taker here. Thanks to the forum for all the tips and tricks!
  15. Good morning everyone! I'm a Civil Engineer working in the Northern Virginia/DC area. I've been lurking the forums for quite awhile prior to taking my PE in October 2017. Just found out I passed and hope to at least be able to contribute back to the forum as it was a major help in getting through the exam.
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