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  1. Im starting the process getting the things together that I need to get my license. I only have a few more months before my 4 years is done and I have already passed my PE. I come to the criminal record section and feel completely defeated. As a youth I got in a lot of trouble including a couple of dui's and a possession charge, no felonies. Have I completely screwed myself out of getting my license? Has anyone else experienced trying to get a license with things like this? Any advice would greatly appreciated excluding people telling me how crappy I am for my past indiscretions. Thanks
  2. Well we are about a week away from the test. This will be my second time taking this wretched test. I have gone over ALL examples and problems and read the books. So my question to all that have passed this beast, what to do in the final days?
  3. Bprit

    How long to wait

    Ok so this sucks. Failed my first attempt, nothing else to do but look forward I guess. Should I try for the April or wait for October? Any advice from repeat takers?
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