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  1. I recently passed the PE Exam and I have received my licensed number. I would like to order my stamp. According to my state it says my name must match my wall certificate. Do I need to wait 3 months (when my state says it will be mailed to me) or is there some place I can check to verify my name?
  2. Yes mine did that. It is because you were approved to take the test and now you the results are pending so it doesn't say approved anymore since you already took the test.
  3. I only took EET and have not taken any other review classes.
  4. the EET Breadth helped me. I figured since this was my third time, I was going all in and spending the time and money to pass this test! EET really helped me (as everyone else on his forum as talked about and why I signed up for them) and I mostly used their binder if not for all the morning problems. I am just praying that I pass this as I want to get back to spending time with my kids.
  5. The first time I think I got 53% overall and the second was similar. I thought I was right on the edge of passing each time, but I was not as confident in my answers in general. Taking the review class (EET) really helped! I was not as confident as I was this time. I didn't think I failed the first 2 times, but I did not feel like I passed like I do this time.
  6. I am on my third time. This time I took EET this time (both breadth and depth) and a lot of what I studied helped me get through the test. I think I guessed on 5-7 problems out of the 80 (I guessed on 3 in the afternoon and don't remember how many in the morning. I felt good this time around and feel like I passed this time! I was able to solve for an answer that was right or I feel confident enough that was right. I really want to pass since is my third time!
  7. I appreciate that! People who have not been in my situation trying to make me feel better but I know people on this board can make me feel better because they have been in the same situation I have which is why I simply created an account to come here looking for help and support. My wife told me the same thing that there was no way I knew less this time. I am thinking about the EET stuff because I have massive amounts of notes already and a review course is the only thing I have not done and I've heard amazing things about this particular one! I have just been considering stopping my career and not getting that license or going for it another time. Mostly just not to have to deal with the stress with my wife and son and new daughter here born this February.
  8. Thanks! I could really use some encouragement after failing twice!
  9. Do they offer a bundle for both morning and afternoon or is it both separate?
  10. The on-demand sounds like it would work better for me. What do most of the reviews here say?
  11. Do you think this would be worth it?
  12. I did ask for manual verification, but according to NCEES, they told me that they have never had a failing score go to a passing score and they do not check the test booklet vs the scantron.
  13. I took the exam last April and got 54% and this time I got 44%. I studied much more this past time and even when going through the exam, I felt very confident in my answers. I did the test booklet first and then transferred it over the Scranton. Remembering back to the test, I feel like I did go back and check to make sure both sheets matched up. Is it possible I could have been off by a line? I know I got the geometrics stuff right, but got 0/3 this time. Should I retake this test a 3rd time or just give up? I feel like I should give up.
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