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  1. My application was sent in 2016. I wonder if they are going based on application year, the engineer discipline you're in, etc.
  2. They passed over my last name (if we're considering alphabetical order), Called and spoke to them. They gave the generic "making a final check of the application, and it should be in the system within 3-4 weeks". What year did you submit your application?
  3. Yea, they entered just 3 "J" names, and now in the "K's". Gonna wait to see what happens by the end of the day before I start the phone calls.
  4. Smh, I'm not even going to get my hopes up for when they reach J...
  5. I can't really remember how long it took, but the 3/14 date is when they cashed the check, and if I can remember, they cashed it in pretty quick after i mailed out the application package. I had moved from my previous address, but when I wrote them to inquire, they said the approval notice was sent out on 05/02. Overall I would estimate about 8 weeks after I sent it in, is when they sent back the approval notice.
  6. They received my application on 03/14 The notice to take the exam was sent on 05/02 So its about 7 weeks for me.
  7. Today is the 4-week mark since NYS results were released.
  8. Seems like they are working throughout the weekend. Latest No: 099425 as of 1:21pm (Eastern) 06/16/2018
  9. They are up to 099369 now, 11:26am (Eastern) Does anyone know if your state board will email you, or do you have to check the website to find out your number?
  10. Hello guys, don't give up. I failed 2 times before successfully passing it this time. My October 2017 results were 28am, 20pm I took the EET course and it really helped this time around. (I know, I thought the same thing, expensive!!! but it's very helpful) The course really goes in depth on each topic. For the PM session, you really want to be familiar with all the reference manuals. I know that the afternoon sessions I usually run out of time, and in October I had a massive migraine. So this time around I took some pain killers during the lunch break, Started off with the III. Codes and Construction, I. Analysis of Structures, II. Design and Details of Structures.
  11. So far it looks like 48/80 is the highest failing score?
  12. I agree with you, some of the questions are "either you know it or you don't" and some questions could have you looking into your reference materials for hours.
  13. These exams are physically hard on the mind and body as well. In the afternoon session I had a severe migraine, body fatigue, etc.
  14. Yea, I think I will do the EET course for just the Structural Depth.
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