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  1. I think what CAPLS is saying is that as long as the form is submitted/received by the board before June 30th, you're eligible for Quarter 3 testing (July through September)
  2. Is the application approval rolling or do they approve applications once per month? I sent in my re-examination form mid-May and haven't heard back yet about being authorized.
  3. engineeringforfun

    CA Seismic

    You're correct I took it on the new quarterly basis. I received my results in mid May (5/16). Everyone who took the test in April got them that day. @CAPLS mentioned it before but the goal for the board is to get results back mid-month following the month in which you took the exam. Held true in May, not sure whether results for May testers have gone out yet but i'd expect them this week based on the first month of testing.
  4. engineeringforfun

    CA April 2018 Seismic Results are in !!!

    That makes sense. Is there a reason to not let people test in the same quarter that they submit their application?
  5. That sounds like a lie. I sent in re-examination form a few weeks ago and it got there on like 5/21 or something. They cashed my check a week later. I haven't gotten a single e-mail from the board in that time frame.
  6. engineeringforfun

    CA April 2018 Seismic Results are in !!!

    That sounds awesome! I have one test left (surveying) which I should hopefully be taking towards the end of July so i'm looking forward to that feeling in August/September!
  7. You'll probably get results next week. If you failed, you wouldn't be able to take the exam until Q4 just because of timing of the application, which sucks.
  8. engineeringforfun

    CA April 2018 Seismic Results are in !!!

    Congrats! How does it feel to be a PE?
  9. engineeringforfun


    That's the thing. I get a $2,000 pay bump, but it's because i'm in consulting for Civil and our stamp is necessary and i become that much more marketable.
  10. engineeringforfun


    I believe @CAPLS mentioned that licensing occurs twice a month in another thread?
  11. engineeringforfun


    The range fully depends on where you're located, what you do, etc. What's your field of engineering? Public or private? There's a lot to take into account.
  12. She's either an amazing test taker, a genius, or she's lying (the most likely one). I feel like stuff like this you need to take with a grain of salt. Passing a test/having a PE doesn't make someone a good engineer. If it's me I say congratulations and move on, knowing that said person is just seeking validation/attention.
  13. engineeringforfun


    Ah gotcha. You're good then. No need to do anything else.
  14. engineeringforfun


    No. You just need to send the "Notification of Successful Exam" form. Are you registered for the state specific exams? Have you taken them? You may need to submit the re-examination form for those.
  15. engineeringforfun

    Can I pass Seismic with just ASCE 7-10?

    It honestly depends on what questions you get. I took it in April and passed it and didn't open the CBC/IBC material at all and only needed ASCE 7-10 and Hiner's workbook. That doesn't mean that you don't want to have it available though as you may get questions that you'll need the CBC/IBC to answer.