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  1. No cheat sheets, but Reza has useful equations in the back of the manual that are pretty nice.
  2. It can be outside of California.
  3. Yes you'll be approved. You'll end up hearing back soon and you'll probably get your authorization to test somewhere towards the end of December. I wouldn't stress too much.
  4. I wouldn't. I think between the EET practice exams and Reza's problems you will be ok.
  5. I never took the old test and to be honest I didn't think that the EET or Reza problems (which were by the new test plan) were any different than CPESR. I have a hard time recommending purchasing the CPESR class though because the class itself is fairly useless (in my opinion).
  6. Awesome. I got my number about a week after I found out I passed (I just happened to fall within that licensing cycle). Physical copy showed up a couple weeks later?
  7. I was confident on 35, educated guesses on about 15, and straight guesses on 5. Sounds like you're going to be good to go.
  8. Historically (April 2004-April 2009), yes the passing % varied between 48% and 61%. But it varies with each cycle, so the one you took could have a cut score of 48% or 65%. It really just depends. Not trying to be negative by the way. If you felt 100% about 27 and felt pretty good about another 5 you're in the range that you'll likely pass. Most people I've talked to have felt better when they were 100% about 35/55 or so but without knowing the cut score the numbers are all pretty meaningless.
  9. if i'm being 100% honest? 25/55 is probably a bit on the low side, but it's possible depending on how well you guessed on the rest. There is no set number that you need to pass so the 31 isn't true.
  10. Maybe if you take the class? I just bought the workbook and it had a couple of printed quizzes and one exam in the back of the workbook (although the exam didn't have 55 questions. It was 40 or 45 if i remember correctly).
  11. The REZA workbook covered the new test plan up front. I don't remember if EET did or not.
  12. I found that CPESR had the best practice tests (in my opinion), but the class itself I found to be pretty useless. I thought Reza had the best manual, with very good practice problems. EET had some decent practice exams as well, but the book seemed overwhelming and the class might be overkill (didn't watch any lectures, just bought the class for the exams). I took the CPESR class the first time I took the exam and failed. The second time I used Reza's manual and EET's practice exams and passed. CPESR: http://civilpesurveyingreview.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwu5veBRBBEiwAFTqDwQtBKNHQpe0eX8gNR3mpaN8alNyOF7JIxSw1shgeFFU2X_Zx3HFcHxoC-vYQAvD_BwE Reza: https://www.surveyingreview.com/ EET: http://www.eetusa.com/classes/ca-specific/surveying
  13. engineeringforfun

    what to do next after passing seismic and surveying

    Congrats. At this point you just need to wait. You'll get an e-mail from the board once they process your license number. It'll happen sometime this month. A few weeks after you'll get your license in the mail.
  14. You need to send in your re-examination form now. You'll get approved for the first quarter of 2019.