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  1. Looking back on it now, i'd say EET and CPESR are comparable. The only thing i'd say is that the 4th test for CPESR (the hardest one) is probably the most representative as far as difficulty of the exam and managing actual time.
  2. Edit: Didn't read the part about not taking the 8-hour yet. Guessing it's because in the new system you're supposed to have passed the 8-hour prior to taking seismic and surveying.
  3. There isn't really a set timeline, but within the next week or two (licensing cycles are independent of the exams) you'll get an e-mail from the board that congratulates you on becoming a licensed engineer and will provide you with a license number. I got my notice that I passed on September 10th and got the email with my license number on September 18th. The actual license will come in sometime after that, but that should be enough for your promotion. You don't have to do anything now but wait for the e-mail and then the license to come in. However, your license will only be active until the end of the quarter in which you receive it, so you'll have to renew your license before the end of March. It's around $116 if I remember correctly.
  4. Oh I definitely agree with you. It is absolutely archaic and requirements need to be changed. Add in that California is the only state that requires this exam and it just makes it that much worse.
  5. There is a pretty decent discussion in the post I've linked that discusses what you're talking about.
  6. @Dina_Sh I'll piggyback off @vip-eng here. Everything VIP has recommended is spot on. I would focus on doing problems as quickly as possible and being quick with locating equations/references. To answer one of your earlier questions, i don't believe there's anyway to re-score the exam. Do as many practice problems as you can and i'm sure you'll pass on the next attempt!
  7. No cheat sheets, but Reza has useful equations in the back of the manual that are pretty nice.
  8. Yes you'll be approved. You'll end up hearing back soon and you'll probably get your authorization to test somewhere towards the end of December. I wouldn't stress too much.
  9. I never took the old test and to be honest I didn't think that the EET or Reza problems (which were by the new test plan) were any different than CPESR. I have a hard time recommending purchasing the CPESR class though because the class itself is fairly useless (in my opinion).
  10. Awesome. I got my number about a week after I found out I passed (I just happened to fall within that licensing cycle). Physical copy showed up a couple weeks later?
  11. I was confident on 35, educated guesses on about 15, and straight guesses on 5. Sounds like you're going to be good to go.
  12. Historically (April 2004-April 2009), yes the passing % varied between 48% and 61%. But it varies with each cycle, so the one you took could have a cut score of 48% or 65%. It really just depends. Not trying to be negative by the way. If you felt 100% about 27 and felt pretty good about another 5 you're in the range that you'll likely pass. Most people I've talked to have felt better when they were 100% about 35/55 or so but without knowing the cut score the numbers are all pretty meaningless.
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