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  1. I gave PE in Oct 2018 and exam location was in NCSU campus. I guess they use the same location for PE exams. You will find ample of hotel options around NCSU campus. I will suggest you to confirm with other peers as well. All the best for your PE exam!!
  2. Its your decision but I think you can try one last time as I have seen people clearing exam in their 6th or 7th attempt. I am not from Mechanical field but will genuinely want you to try a new PE prep course like EET etc. for one last time as I have seen the time one feels to give up is the time you should not give up as success might be just one exam away from you but you will never experience it if you quit now. Just give it a thought! All the best!!!
  3. Texas guys.. Please post your grades so that we can get an idea of cut scores. Thanks.
  4. That's strange.. usually NC is among the first PE releasing states.
  5. Most of them are true... Follow April 2019 tab on PE results page.
  6. Relax guys....I don't think it's happening today. Better luck tomorrow!!
  7. Everything was fine till I noticed that yellow mark on NCEES which shows you that you searched your previous result notification in your inbox and then posted a screenshot. Nice try... hahahaha...
  8. Yes you are right. Even I got my result at 2:20 pm but the first result notification confirmation on this forum was around 10-11 am and hence is my guess. I hope you guys get your results today and end this waiting period.
  9. I feel if we don't hear any PE result news in next 1 hour and then its not today.....
  10. Looking at today's activities on this forum, it is clear that people are going crazy and are desperate to get their results and end this waiting game. Come on trollers add some fun in here. I can understand you guys as i have been through the same. On the contrary, I feel you guys have more patience than we had πŸ˜› All the best guys withing a week from now you will have your results. Till then enjoyπŸ₯‚
  11. During my PE cycle, I had a dream where my manager was standing behind me while I was looking at my PE result and I failed. After this dream, I always used to hope that my PE result should be on a day when my manager is on a leave πŸ˜›. Nothing like this happened and I passed 😎
  12. NCEES will send you an email once the result is posted on your account but why to rely on one when you have two other options of F5 and inquiring through live chat on NCEES website. I have seen some enthusiastic candidates calling their respective state boards almost everyday after the 35 day mark was crossed. πŸ˜›.
  13. My prediction says results will be either in late 2nd week or early 3rd week of May... Between May 10-May 15.....Somehow, I feel that this cycle NCEES should surprise us by releasing results TOMORROW πŸ˜› All the best guys!!!!
  14. Do not expect anything. It varies from company to company. I am the only PE in my office and still have not received any hike. The only kind of guaranteed thing is that you will receive a lot of interview calls with potential pay hike and promotion. Find the right opportunity and make a switch if your company don't value your PE.
  15. PE result to be declared either late 2nd week of May or early 3rd week of May.... From a trusted source. You guys can relax for next 1 and half weeks 😎πŸ₯‚
  16. I was driving from my airbnb accommodation in Cary, NC to Raleigh, NC exam location and had my google maps placed in front of car AC vent which i usually do for shorter miles. But this time my cellphone got switched off due to overheating and I was around 8 miles away from the center. It was 7:25 am and I didn't know the route to exam but just remembered that I had to take an exit in next around 1-2 miles. I was, literally, holding my cell phone outside car window while driving on highway just so that it can quickly cool down and start again. It was looking very hilarious and all the passing car drivers were giving me a weird look. After all this hustle, I reached exam center at 7:43 am and realized that I am standing in wrong parking lot. After inquiring around, I reached actual exam building at 7:49 am which is just 1 min before they close the main exam hall door. It was a dramatic scene as they closed the door within few seconds I entered that room. That day my run from parking to the exam hall was the fastest I ever ran. I still laugh after remembering that incident and at the same time feel relaxed about passing that exam.
  17. All the best! I am sure you will pass vertical this April 2019.
  18. Are you giving exam in April 2019 or Oct 2019?? Which state?? Thanks for EET course review. I am leaning towards EET course
  19. All the best!! Its great that you are planning to take both at same time. Which state are you taking exam in?? What are your views on EET Course?? Have you taken both the courses with EET?? What material does EET provides with the course?? Thanks!
  20. I am working in dredge manufacturing field. I will have to brush up a lot of concepts as I am not using those regularly. I have also heard a lot about EET course. Thanks.
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