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  1. Spamming for my buddy who took the Ag PE
  2. Congrats, @GirlsCanDesign!
  3. Inflate your post count by posting in this thread!
  4. Spamming because spamming
  5. Spamming because mass spamming = big green PASS
  6. Spamming because I’m way behind on this bollocks
  7. My wife and I went to Vegas September 2017. We were actually planning to go to Florida, but a hurricane changed our plans... We stayed at Luxor. We had a single king tower room, which didn’t have much of a view, thanks to the advertisement plastered to our window. Not that we spent much time looking out the windows or anything. It was a hotel room. Not much to say about it, other than the bathroom had a nice size bathtub, suitable for soaking in, and a separate shower stall. Maybe it was just us, being from the Midwest, but we weren’t really in to the Strip. We had more fun on Fremont Street. Better people watching, cheaper drinks, cheaper food, cheaper...everything, really. We cancelled our Hoover Dam bus trip because we found out the elevators going down into the Dam had been closed down indefinitely a couple days before we arrived. And we had paid for the extended tour. That was a bummer. I think we took our rental car and drove out to California for the day Anyone have tips on how to deal with pushy timeshare salespeople? Other than telling them to, “piss off?” TL;DR: skip the strip, go to Fremont Street.
  8. Yep, the exam invaded my dreams, too. Except that in mine, I showed up to the exam having the right reference to answer every question on the exam. Maybe it was a good vision to have, ‘cause I passed! I had another one after the exam, but before results were released, that the proctor administering the exam pretty much ignored all the exam “rules” and let everyone collaborate and share resources
  9. You got this! I passed on my 3rd attempt in October, you can do it in your first, especially with it being CBT! I think its quieter on the Enviro boards because no one is crazy enough to sign up for the Enviro exam, even when it was still paper-and-pencil. Or its just not a commonly taken exam. I think if you're adequately prepared, the exam will seem easy. I took it this past October, the last time it'd be offered as pencil-and-paper. I thought after the first hour or so that I would be taking the exam again in April 2019, but after the 2nd or 3rd pass through the exam problems I was (almost) slapping myself, thinking "Why didn't I see that before? This problem takes 30 seconds to solve," or "Wait, wasn't the method to solve this problem tabbed in one of my references?" With the Enviro exam moving to CBT, I think there is going to be a shift in how an examinee prepares for this exam. In the past, for this PE exam, you would be responsible for gathering your references, knowing them, and "hoping" they would be the "correct" references to get the correct answers. Whereas the FE exam and the CBT PE exams, where you can't rely on extra references, other than the one you are given. When I was studying for the FE exam, I bought the reference manual while I was studying and (almost) memorized where everything was. With that in mind, the best advice I could give is to work problems, work problems, work problems, be familiar with the supplied reference manual, and memorize key concepts and conversions (like 1 psi = 2.31 ft) that aren't in the supplied reference manual. If you bought the NCEES practice exam and the current sample exams/problem sets and have a good understanding of the problems that could be on the exam, you should be well prepared. Wishing you good luck and a big green PASS in the very near future When you go back to take it, you will conquer it!
  10. In Illinois, the experience requirement is separate from the exam requirement. However, it took me 9 days from when I mailed my application for licensure to get a license number. Which is really quick for Illinois. (‘Matter of fact, I got my license number today) edit: To be a little more clear, I passed the October 2018 exam and already had the requisite 4 years work experience prior to passing the exam. My direct supervisor had been busy (really busy) the last few months, so it took some time for them to prepare their part of my license application, i.e., verifying my work experience.
  11. I’ll follow-up soon with my contribution to this thread. Even if the Enviro exam goes CBT April 2019, I’m sure the things we’ve all used will still be useful for future test takers to prepare
  12. Sending my thanks to @RBHeadge PE and everyone else for being so encouraging. I finally got it on the 3rd attempt! To anyone who didn’t pass, keep trying! And remember this: what do you call someone who took more than one attempt to pass the PE exam? A PE!
  13. I brought it, but found it to be useless or redundant. And it certainly did not help with he qualitative questions. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the pass rates when the Enviro exam goes to CBT next year.
  14. Yeah, I’m working overtime this weekend on a special project, so it’ll be hard to find a time to celebrate, but I’ll find time!!
  15. I can calm down now... IL has results AND I PASSED! Woooo! Party time!
  16. Yeah, I was (and still am) in the middle of a conference call...needless to say I interrupted the call to announce my results
  17. Holy shit, just checked....PASS!
  18. I’m getting tired of this waiting game. Just let me know if I passed or not. How hard is that, Illinois? Edit: Pic is me, portrayed by someone who isn’t me
  19. #IllinoisResultsWhen #IllinoisResultsWhen #IllinoisResultsWhen
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