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  1. I’ll follow-up soon with my contribution to this thread. Even if the Enviro exam goes CBT April 2019, I’m sure the things we’ve all used will still be useful for future test takers to prepare
  2. Sending my thanks to @RBHeadge PE and everyone else for being so encouraging. I finally got it on the 3rd attempt! To anyone who didn’t pass, keep trying! And remember this: what do you call someone who took more than one attempt to pass the PE exam? A PE!
  3. I brought it, but found it to be useless or redundant. And it certainly did not help with he qualitative questions. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the pass rates when the Enviro exam goes to CBT next year.
  4. Yeah, I’m working overtime this weekend on a special project, so it’ll be hard to find a time to celebrate, but I’ll find time!!
  5. I can calm down now... IL has results AND I PASSED! Woooo! Party time!
  6. Yeah, I was (and still am) in the middle of a conference call...needless to say I interrupted the call to announce my results
  7. Holy shit, just checked....PASS!
  8. I’m getting tired of this waiting game. Just let me know if I passed or not. How hard is that, Illinois? Edit: Pic is me, portrayed by someone who isn’t me
  9. #IllinoisResultsWhen #IllinoisResultsWhen #IllinoisResultsWhen
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