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  1. In/PE/Out

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    @vee043324 I think that’s a good plan. I’ve got all my notes/references that I’ve collected and printed grouped by subject/topic, following the format of the exam given by NCEES. I’d take some time to prepare an index for or tab off each binder, so you could quickly jump to a specific sub-area of that topic. Example: for a water binder, tab off the sections for water treatment, drinking water, hydraulics, etc. Also, if you have access to a comb-ring binder, use it. Binding materials in this manner saves a significant amount of space, when compared to a 3-ring binder.
  2. In/PE/Out

    RIP Burt Reynolds

  3. In/PE/Out

    The Pet Thread

    The one in my picture has tried eating the coloured tabs I put in my books...and part of the NCEES practice exam. Unless NCEES changes its calculator policies at the 0th hour, it should be 👍 I've thought about getting this 'lil guy registered as a service animal so I can take him to the exam with me. He's already blessed my study materials; it only seems right for him to bless everyone in the exam room. The most he'd do is chirp for a little while and then find a comfy pile of books to sleep on.
  4. In/PE/Out

    The Pet Thread

    One of my cats has taken a liking to lying on my PE study books. The internet can never have too many pictures of cats!
  5. In/PE/Out

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    This October will be my third attempt at the Enviro exam. As has been recommended by some other repeat takers, I am mainly working problems. In my case, any book of problems, solved problems, or similar guides that I can get my hands on has been my main study material. I think I have had the same problem that @txjennah has had: spending too much time reading and not enough time looking at problems. I’ve narrowed my references down to a few books (list to follow) and accepted that if none of my reference books address a particular conceptual question on the exam, then so be it. I’ll make up for it by getting a tricky calculation correct. I will point out that the reference books recommended by other users on this board have been helpful. My day-to-day study books consist of books of sample problems and questions. Even if it’s working a problem alongside a solution, it helps greatly, especially for understanding how the solution was arrived at. I’ve run into several problems where the given solution is far too complicated, and a “quicker” solution exists. I make sure to have problems like that written down both the “difficult” way, and the “quicker” way. My core references are (and from my experience on previous exams, these were my go-to’s): Environmental Engineering Reference Manual (3rd Ed, Lindeburg) Introduction to Environmental Engineering (5th Ed, Davis & Cornwell) Air Pollition Control: A Design Approach (4th Ed, Cooper & Alley) [I don’t know why so many test takers didn’t find this book useful. This book is fantastic, but perhaps I am biased since I work in air pollution control] Hazardous Waste Management (2nd Ed, LaGrega, et al) Engineering Unit Conversions (4th Ed, Lindeburg) [This book is a must-have] My study materials (for practice problems) include: NCEES Practice Exam (The newest edition from 2017 is formatted in the 80 question format. If you can get an older version of the practice exam, the questions are about 95% the same as the new). I’ve been using multiple coloured pencils when I work through these problems, using a different colour for useful info, useless info, the solution, and other notes/tips for solving the problem. I also write down the specific reference(s) and page numbers for each problem, as needed. Practice Exams for the Environmental PE (2017, Schneiter). [Again, a new publication that has 2 sample exams in the 80 question format] EDIT: The 2017 Schneiter practice exam book relies heavily on the NCEES Environmental PE Reference manual. Still useful for preparing for the 2018 exam, but may be more useful starting 2019, when the exam goes computer-based. Books that cover advanced mathematics for wastewater treatment plant operators. These books cover the concepts and the type of math that would be used to solve almost any WWTP related problem. EDIT: Two of the wastewater books I’m studying from are: Sanitary Engineering Problems and Calculations for the Professional Engineer (1979, Harry S. Harbold). Old as **** book, but the core concepts are still valid in 2018. The problems in this book follow the old format of how the PE exam was administered (e.g., given 8 problems, the examinee solves 4). The problems presented are quite long and can take over an hour to solve Applied Math for Wastewater Plant Operators (1991, Joanne Kirkpatrick Price). Lots of examples of WWTP mathematics concepts, presented in plain English. If nothing else, it reinforces the basics and unit conversions. Handbook of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Calculations (2002, Reynolds, Jeris, Theodore). Broad book of sample problems calculations, many of which appear exam-worthy. Edit: I hand-copied and worked what I thought would be relevant problems from the above book into a notebook for practice...and possible use as a reference on the exam. Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations (2nd Ed, Hicks). The chapters on water supply, stormwater system design, and wastewater treatment and control all appear to have concepts that could be covered by the exam. Environmental Engineers Handbook (1999, Liu and Liptak). A broad handbook that appears to cover bits and pieces my other references don’t, such as soil and groundwater remediation methods. EDIT: I forgot one additional reference: Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations, 2nd Ed (2007, Lee and Lin). Covers water, solid waste and air pollution. Pretty solid examples of concepts that could be covered on the exam. Likely, the examples in this book are more complicated than the exam problems. Reviews I’ve seen on this book peg it as a good reference for the Environmental PE.
  6. In/PE/Out


    You’re an all star
  7. In/PE/Out

    Oct 2017 Results Map

    Peoria. I didn’t know anyone there, per-se, but one of the other examinees there recognised me from a seminar presentation I gave earlier this year. It was a little bit of a confidence boost on test day
  8. You’re really funny, you know that? 🙃 IL examinee here...still waiting for results. So to answer your question: anxious?
  9. In/PE/Out

    October 2017 15K, or get Matt267 PE banned, SPAM thread

    Don’t make me do this by myself...I’ve brought down bigger message boards with spam
  10. In/PE/Out

    October 2017 15K, or get Matt267 PE banned, SPAM thread

    Don’t know if true or not...but spam is spam