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  1. vee043324

    Salary & Home Affordability by State

    lolololololol being single in DC lololololol
  2. vee043324

    Horse is to stable

  3. vee043324

    It's Friday!!!!

    It’s Friday but the rain that’s going to last all weekend just started :(((((
  4. vee043324

    Horse is to stable

  5. vee043324

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for meeting your fiancee without the aid of a dating app.
  6. vee043324

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  7. vee043324

    Random Topics 3.1

    also @txjennah you can get EPA. please no used mattress hunting or trying to hook your husband up with a chick-fil-a franchise though.
  8. vee043324

    Random Topics 3.1

    If I (or anyone on this site) ever run(s) for president, I (he/she) will make sure to fill the cabinet with EB members. @Road Guy Sec. of Transporation is all yours.
  9. I'm taking the exam for a 3rd time in October (fml) but this time I signed for a PPI review class. I was forced to reorder some books I already own (from taking the exam previously) as part of the PPI bundle, so I think i might have doubles of a few!! i can check when i get home tonight and let you know!
  10. vee043324

    It's Friday!!!!

    ~some personal news~ just learned i can add white claw to my grocery delivery, and it's cheaper than my liquor store. happy friday!
  11. vee043324

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    i'm just seeing this?? why, what's up?!
  12. vee043324

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    (it's been 84 years)
  13. vee043324

    Random Topics 3.1

    full disclosure: i did not write/edit that post - i just copy/pasted it from a POLITICO playbook email.
  14. vee043324

    Random Topics 3.1

    need a job? the white house is hiring. HELP WANTED! "Trump White House advertises at a Hill job fair amid staff exodus," by Annie Karni: "The White House - which has been having trouble filling positions as it bleeds staffers - is now trying to find recruits at a conservative job fair on the Hill. 'Interested in a job at the White House?' is the subject line of an email that was blasted out widely to Republicans on the Hill late Wednesday advertising the upcoming event. It promises that 'representatives from across the Trump administration will be there to meet job seekers of every experience level.' "A person familiar with the planning said that Johnny DeStefano, who oversees the White House personnel department, and Sean Doocey, a deputy assistant to the president for presidential personnel, are expected to be on hand, among other officials from the West Wing. The flyer lists positions open in the White House as well as a handful of government agencies including Defense, Interior, Commerce, Homeland Security, Health & Human Services, NASA, Energy, and Treasury. "The 'Executive Branch Job Fair' is scheduled for Friday afternoon in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, according to a flyer attached to the email. 'There are positions currently open and we are looking for the most competent conservatives to recommend,' the flyer, shared with POLITICO, reads. ... A job fair is seen as an unusual step for a White House to take. ... A former Obama administration official said it would have been unheard of in the previous administration." https://politi.co/2JKyFxm
  15. vee043324

    Random Topics 3.1

    @squaretaper you’re officially in the minority. Black cherry is where it’s at