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  1. Has anyone that passed received their license in the mail yet? PALS says printed, but it has said that for a week now. I'm wondering if since I moved since I applied for the exam the first time I took it, if they sent it to the wrong address. My address is right in my PALs profile, but my license has my old zip code attached to it.
  2. I believe they issue the license automatically after you pass. I just logged into pals and I now have a license number (side note, i also just ordered my stamp). Its up to you now to complete your CE credits and renewing. I'm just wondering how many CE credits we need to renew it in September, since its in the middle of a cycle right now.
  3. I got mine. Just ordered my stamp.
  4. I would not worry about expired. Mine said that when I signed up for the exam the third time too, I called to make sure everything was good and the lady told me that there is no way to change it in the system but you are fine. I guess if you fail, and its been more than a year since you first submitted your application, then it says expired, but it shouldn't be a problem.
  5. LOL my day is just starting. Don't want to risk ruining it just yet.
  6. PA is out. Just got the email.... scared to open just yet but they did post them. 8:46 am I got the email
  7. I'm guessing we won't get PA results until end of December. What do yinz think?
  8. you might want to stay away from knives and firearms after you get that email too... depending on results...
  9. maybe since the surveys were given out about 57% faster, that results will be out 57% faster too...
  10. PA is now out... I hope everyone did better than me...
  11. ajc640

    This Week...

    thats some pretty sound logic
  12. ajc640

    hey guys

    Yes but there must be a deeper meaning... I mean it came from @Baconator that has to mean something
  13. ajc640

    hey guys

    I just saw that after I posted this.... Does that mean today or tomorrow?
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