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  1. so quiet this week. I remember last week monday, it was like boiling. I will never forget last Monday in the rest of my life tho. so much joy
  2. woohoo, you passed at the year I just graduated. Thanks for this. I guess I have to wait like 2 weeks to get the reg #. I will assume they will mail it out and also send email. I am still in shock I passed and still log in daily in NCEES to see if I still pass...were you like me going through this phase back then? when will this phase stop?
  3. Woohoo I envy you!!! 12% rate?!!!! Geez, I only get like $2 bump, damn
  4. Hello I have seen many people claiming that this is just a personal goal! Or some folks claim it is a requirement for the company or position! My situation is: requirement! Every half year my company will have a review process and mananger will evaluate our performance and told anyone who is qualified or time to take PE: plz take the exam and get the license! Quite honestly I don’t like being pushed to take such a big exam but I cooled myself down and realized it is good for my career so it won’t hurt to just get it! Almost everyone in this office passed at the first attempt and they kept telling me I must pass it too, which gave me so much pressure from September to October! Those two months for me it was like a living hell! I studied until midnight after worked from 4:30pm! That is why the wait killed me in the whole November! Now I passed, which did polish my resume and has become a milestone for an engineer’s career! I am so happy I am being pushed to take this one! The next step for me is of course PTOE No matter you failed this this round or passed, I would like to hear everyone’s story which might also inspire those who will take or retake it in the next round!
  5. Omg congrats! Good job!!!! Have. A nice weekend
  6. Ugh, maybe my experience can make you feel better! I passed at first attempt and nobody seems to care unlike your company since most them are PE and passed also at first attempt! So so far only two guys came and said congrats to me and the rest are like nothing happened, aren’t you supposed to pass or that kind of thoughts! I meant it won’t hurt you to just say congrats! I don’t want to make such a big deal but isn’t this license a milestone to an engineer’s career?! I think I care about others’ opinion too much so now I adjust myself and continue to do work harder
  7. Lol well besides good job, they still added congrats first, lol. I never thought they would bring me lunch or give me anything, just felt like why do I make it such a big deal?! Still same position now, maybe pay rate will increase a little bit from next month! What else? That is it!!!!
  8. Lol that is a good idea since I log in each day like 10 times to make sure the green box is still there so I am not being crazy or delusional! But majority ppl in my firm are PE and 90 percent of them passed at the first attempt. so They kinda take it fo granted that I passed at the first attempt and not a big deal at all! So I feel like I am too dramatic of being that excited! Everything now is back to normal!
  9. yes, I remember I tried so hard to focus on work or going to the gym before the result was released,,but,,,I still thought about this damn exam like every min. But I would rather work or doing something to occupy myself
  10. lol no wonder you guys have that emoji lol I think all states should ditch PCS. I guess some states are shorthanded so I have to use agents
  11. lol, new day! new hope! you will get something today hopefully.
  12. Did MD used to use the damn PCS ??? And then what happened why MD ditched this crap?!
  13. Haha I would rather say give minus stars lol you should get good news! Just find something to do to distract you
  14. it is normal the panic/doubt increases as wait time continues. I am pretty sure after the exam, I was so confident I rocked it. I only had 2 questions that I was not sure, I did good for the rest of 78. But as I waited, I started to become nervous and confident level drops. then I did not sleep well, the wait time just killed me. So, it is normal you have doubt for everthing about the test. But you will be fine, trust me. green box will drop to your account soon, hang in there
  15. Aww that is cool! Then You don’t need to wait for 4 year to sit for this!
  16. Lucas H

    pass rate is up

    Haha well I am part of that 69% in trans! I wish you luck
  17. Ouch! I don’t think they will verify the scantron tho! This is managed by NCEES! And it is machine graded meaning very accurate! NCEES claims they have never had any cases that after manual verification it become from fail to pass! So why the hell Does CTS get this crap for themselves?! Is it possible they tried to create license # before release?!
  18. What?! Higher than other states? How much did you guys pay?
  19. Really thanks then @RBHeadge PE WV was out on Monday !
  20. Lucas H

    pass rate is up

    You will make that cut next run! no worries
  21. I hope you guys can get it tomorrwo if PCS has some mercy. how come there is no one from KY and WV? did they get the result?
  22. wow,21st,,,,????? that is ridiculous!
  23. Lucas H

    pass rate is up

    Exam First-time takers Repeat takers Volume Pass Rate Volume Pass Rate PE Agricultural and Biological (April 2017) 36 69% 6 50% PE Architectural (April 2017) 90 82% 8 25% PE Chemical (April 2017) 317 73% 89 39% PE Civil: Construction 819 59% 661 36% PE Civil: Geotechnical 524 61% 307 37% PE Civil: Structural 1763 69% 631 44% PE Civil: Transportation 1501 69% 959 42% PE Civil: Water Resources and Environmental 1663 70% 755 43% PE Control Systems 240 73% 52 48% PE Electrical and Computer: Computer Engineering 17 82% 9 44% PE Electronics, Controls, and Communications 116 71% 24 12% PE Electrical and Computer: Power 1061 60% 546 28% PE Environmental 261 71% 101 35% PE Fire Protection 189 60% 77 48% PE Industrial and Systems (April 2017) 65 80% 18 44% PE Mechanical: HVAC and Refrigeration 632 70% 164 43% PE Mechanical: Machine Design and Materials 553 75% 134 45% PE Mechanical: Thermal and Fluids Systems 597 67% 229 37% PE Metallurgical and Materials 63 70% 11 36% PE Mining and Mineral Processing 61 57% 15 60% PE Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (April 2017) 55 60% 6 17% PE Nuclear 34 71% 7 29% PE Petroleum 187 70% 51 33% PE Software (April 2017) 15 73% 5 60%
  24. Lucas H

    pass rate is up

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