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  1. have you guys got the certificate yet?
  2. I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG
  3. omg this is great news! congrats! I am still waiting now. very very nervous
  4. thanks for the info. I did not take the course at all. I barely went through the book right before the exam date,,ugh,,so i won't be surprised if I would not pass. is it possible you guys can share (sell) the PPT from the course to me?
  5. ugh, this is torture. are you sure the mailman already came??? the mail here won't be delivered until 2:30pm daily!
  6. cool, just 3 days per week, that is not bad at all! I am nervous now. I am scared of getting a failed result today.
  7. so you basically cannot hangout with you wife? this sounds rough for me. I come to my desk at 6:30am which is the earliest person in the office. I don't think my company having people like you but early morning can be so refreshing and efficient. but if i start working at 5:30am, omg, i can leave at 2pm. This could be awesome!!
  8. you are so early! what time zone are you living lol
  9. Omg congrats!!!!!!! Thanks! I may get it tomorrow! This is really great news
  10. thanks for asking TPCB for us. Yes, plz keep us updated once you get the reply. It is really ridiculous that the wait can last that long!
  11. not going to happen guys! I just checked the mail, none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ugh
  12. you are right! well, they 'd better let us sign up if we get a failed result after 7th. This wait is just ridiculous. seriously? how many people did they grade? the wait is as long as PE exam or even longer!
  13. yes, we are all waiting here. no idea what happen this round. let's pray we all will get it today.
  14. well, if only you have not got it, then just call. but the case here is you and I are all waiting,,,highly likely all people taking in june are all waiting, so.....we might just be patient.
  15. not going to happen again today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigh! will they skip the result part and mail us the certificate directly??? My Coworker got her certificate during August, but she got her result or transcript by the end of July.
  16. haha, I think we need patience! Maybe today is the day.
  17. I see. no wonder you did not take it in 2014. Well, I guess today is not the date either. The wait continues......
  18. haha, not a month to be exactly. i took PE last year Oct 27, got results on Dec 5th, so i will say a little bit more than a month. but recent years, MD was alway the first batch to release the results which is nice. why didn't you take PTOE earlier? I mean if i passed PE in 2013, i will take PTOE the following year!
  19. i came back! ugh, maybe today is the date! TODAY! no more waiting plz! I really don't understand why take that long. PE exam took like a month for the results which i understand since there are like thousands of people taking it. but the PTOE, are you kidding me? just like couple hundreds, still take that long?
  20. Haha thanks! Don’t forget to come back here to share the joy with me once you get the results! I may not get access to mail and work email but I still want to know when the result is in! Thanks a lot!
  21. i guess today is not the day either. well, I will be on vacation tomorrow. hope i can temporarily forget about this crap
  22. maybe you are right! my coworker took it last year fall, she got it by mail. maybe now things change!
  23. you won't get result via should get it from regular mail. so far, the wait still counting,,ugh, it takes forever.
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