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  1. Lucas H

    TX Results

    @fujichan lol you made me laugh!!! I think we all want to burn the CERM at some point but we cannot deny this brick did help us to some extent!
  2. Lucas H

    NCEES News Update

    @txjennah I will finger cross for u if the result is released tomorrow
  3. Lucas H

    NCEES News Update

    People seem more active today
  4. Lucas H

    NCEES News Update

    @txjennah congrats for your upcoming wedding! This reminds me of My coworker who passed the PE last October and her honeymoon to Iceland was in September! She was going nuts but she surprisingly passed and I saw her tear in the eyes when she found out the result which right now I understand such joy!
  5. Lucas H


    Is this so-called trolling?
  6. Lucas H

    NCEES News Update

    @txjennah I registered this just to cheer you up since I browsed the April result and you said you failed and will crush on October! I think the long wait just depresses you now and I think you do good enough this round to make the cut! Don’t lose faith and let’s see the result next week!