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  1. Lucas H

    MD is out!!!!

    @txjennah plz tell me you pass
  2. Lucas H

    MD is out!!!!

    I am shaking, And my coworker just came and congratulated me and I still want to throw up
  3. Holy sh**!!!! It is legit!! Ooomgggg I am not ready!!!
  4. Woohoo, don’t you guys need to work or have any meetings? You guys can constantly talk here! I guess no one needs to have those pencils again lol! Yes I stayed late that day just trying to collect pencils! Lol the proctor is like collect as many as you want! I don’t know why, I love using them almost everyday at work! That day is so unforgettable!
  5. 5 mins ago it is exam of this has already been registered! Now it all becomes available!
  6. @fujichan did you check? Exam of this type has already been registered! I guess we cannot register until we know the result
  7. Lucas H

    PE 10/27 Trans

    Haha me too?! I also took transportation! Many ppl said AM is hard, but mine situation is PM is harder!
  8. Lucas H

    PE 10/27 Trans

    First time taker?!
  9. Lucas H

    PE 10/27 Trans

    I am with you! I came back from the gym and then became nervous again! I guess I will go back to the gym soon which is helpful to distract myself!
  10. Haha not hurt to have fun here! And we are talking about the damn exam, not project, not to clients, why are we being professional here?! Just relax and join the fun
  11. Lol calm down! I think we can still register like the PE chemical which is now open! But who knows?! Let’s find out Monday which is not the end of world
  12. FE is quick! I remember I took it on Jan 9, 2016, and then I got result on Jan 13,2016
  13. Let’s have some faith! Maybe this run is harder than April so the cutting score may not be that high! We will all have another green box showing on the dashboard next week!
  14. Are you serious ? You didn’t feel you did better than that one in April?!
  15. Omg thank you so much! This analysis is awesome except only one percent of answer sheet is manually verified instead of 5%! You can look up at the grading process on NCEES! But still, your analysis is cool for me
  16. Day 34..... result is still pending! April exam result normally is released on day 34, unfortunately we have to wait one more week! Geez
  17. @smrob day 34 is the date when the result is released if it is April exam! The wait kills me
  18. What is going on in this thread? Like a farce
  19. Lucas H

    TX Results

    You guys, don’t burn it! Sell on amazon for some candy! Lol! Or give away for those who is going to take the exam! Even recycle this brick
  20. Lucas H

    Date Change

    @txjennah dashboard date disappearing is a sign.
  21. Lucas H

    Date Change

    Is it still trolling or really happening? Mine still not change, still shows date in dashboard
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