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  1. took it last month. I think i can pass but who knows? who else is waiting for the result?
  2. Lucas H


    you took exam last run? poor boy! you will make it this run
  3. Lucas H


    pal, take it easy! you got this!
  4. well, NCEES knows you guys are so anxiously waiting. However, they just want this wait to continue.
  5. If you took the pencil-and-paper #PE_exam or #SE_exam last month, you're probably wondering when you'll receive your result. How and when examinees receive their results varies by state. Some boards use NCEES Exam Administration Services to release the results directly to examinees; some release results through another testing service such as PCS; other boards release the results themselves. In addition, some state boards validate the results at a board meeting before releasing them to examinees. To find out how and when you will receive your result, select your state (or foreign entity) and exam from the link below. https://lnkd.in/dAGUEqn
  6. haha, I know how you feel. I was nervous and anxious as the big day approaching last year November and December. But you may already know, the damn NCEES suprised us by releasing result 3-4 days earlier than normally. so I got the green box unexpectedly, I thought I was delusional and hitting F5 all day to make sure the green box of pass was still there. Good luck to you! and, go run and play piano!
  7. Bid day is approaching. are you nervous? I bet you get distracted by forum easily at work.
  8. Lucas H

    The wait is killing me

    nice job for losing 6! well, no idea engineers are prone to playing piano well. I just felt like playing piano looks so cool, lol. I started playing from the date I got the PE results. so now i am still like entry level,,,,,ugh, I have hard time to play chord inversion and 4-note chords. how can you overcome this!?
  9. Lucas H

    The wait is killing me

    geez,,,10lb? i remebered last year when I study PE, i also went to the gym, not to lose weight, just to lose the damn nervousness and the damn stress. so I did not gain any weight! oh, by the by, I also played piano!!!
  10. Lucas H

    The wait is killing me

    go to the gym also, run run run!!!! sweat sweat sweat!!! make your life busy in a good way!
  11. Lucas H

    The wait is killing me

    Hi guys, going to the gym is the best way to kill this waiting anxiety! it helped me a lot last year
  12. Lucas H

    Good Luck Today

    should be out in mid of May. definitely be out before memorial day! good luck guys!
  13. I plan to take it on June! Is there anyone who sells the ITE online course used materials?! All I have now is just the book (2009)! Thanks a lot
  14. Lucas H

    PTOE Results

    Not idea if this is appropriate to ask here but still, is it ok you can sell the ITE PPT to me?!
  15. Lucas H

    PTOE Results

    I think they will mail it out after Feb 20. need to wait at least 3 weeks from March 1