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  1. Nuke_em

    License Number

    I found my license number on Florida’s website today. Didn’t get an email though.
  2. I didn’t take a review class, just worked review problems and the NCEES practice test for Mechanical TFS. Was a little worried since my major was EE, but doing these problems and using the MERM was good enough.
  3. Nuke_em

    Mechanical Thermal & Fluids Fail

    Oleg, I can’t speak to the value of review courses, but my method was to work sample problems over and over. The MERM was the only reference I used on the exam, although I brought a few other books just in case. Also, I stressed looking at the answer units. There were definitely some answers to trip you up if you weren’t careful with them. I’m sure you can get there. If I can pass after waiting 35 years, so can you young un’s.
  4. Nuke_em

    FL Out at 2:23

    Thanks all. Wonder if I set a record, 35.5 years since graduation?
  5. Nuke_em

    FL Out at 2:23

    It’s out! Passed.