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  1. CAPLS, thanks for your insight. In the state of MA, a licensed PE can practice in an area of competence, gained either through education or experience. Pursuant to the practice of civil engineering as defined in the CA PE Act, (section 6731, including "purification of water,...The investigation of the laws, phenomena and forces of nature..." ) the work I performed constitutes civil engineering. Do you think if I include in my application the language from the Code of MA Regulations (quoted in my original post) that the CA board would still expect my Env. PE reference to state that he is authorized to practice civil engineering in MA? thanks again
  2. I'm now applying for Civil PE registration in CA (I have all my qualifying experience). One year of my qualifying experience was in MA under a licensed Environmental PE. Obviously Environmental is a subset of Civil, but since there's a specific Environmental PE title in MA, I'm concerned about whether his reference will be valid for my civil app here in CA. From the CA PE application FAQ, for an applicant seeking registration as a civil PE, "all references must be licensed engineers authorized to practice civil engineering." From the Code of Massachusetts Regulations 250 CMR 5.01(3) "Engineering Registrants must restrict engineering practice to areas of competence based upon their education and experience qualifications." The way I read this, if my former boss is competent to practice civil engineering in MA, he's a valid reference for my CA civil PE app. Do I need to have him write a letter in addition to stamping my engagement form stating the above to the CA Board? I'm applying my Master's Degree in Civil Engineering as part of my qualifying experience. CA states that a reference is required for all qualifying experience. Does that mean that my grad school professors registered as PE's can serve as qualifying references for me? Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help you choose to give me!
  3. I passed on my first attempt this year, April 2018, which is a huge relief! I took the EET Breadth and Depth review courses, and I can't say enough about how awesome an instructor Dr. Nazrul Islam is! (I'm not sure this is the best place for this post, so please advise if it should go elsewhere). My undergraduate degree is in Environmental Science, so I had to take a bunch of extra courses to get into a graduate engineering program, to eventually get licensed as an engineer. I felt shaky on the breadth all the way through, which I expected. Dr. Islam runs a tight ship and provides you with all the material you need to pass the WRE Afternoon section. I signed up early for the depth, got the discount, thinking I could use the CERM to make my own reference binder for the morning, and when I saw how awesome Nazrul's course was, I signed up for the Breadth too. Unfortunately, the webinar Breadth course had filled up by that time, so I could only take the on-demand. The binders they provide are so organized, so in depth, such helpful resources. And from the thread "EET -Thanks (Passed PE Oct 2016)", this: Nazrul also was great at letting us know he believed we were capable and that we should rely on ourselves during the exam. In addition to being incredibly technical and thorough, he also just said some very kind things to instill confidence. He was also available by email, responding punctually, and even offered to talk to me on the phone and provide personal sessions (both of which I turned down, but that shows his dedication). I was sure I failed walking out of the exam, and I emailed Nazrul to tell him, and he was a good source of comfort. I highly recommend Nazrul's WRE depth course and the EET breadth course as well. http://www.eetusa.com/classes/civil-pe/depth/wre
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