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  1. I just called BPELSG and recieved a response from my evaluator stating that my license will be uploaded on 1/11/19. Even though I sent them the notice of successful examination on 12/6/18. Don't understand why it's taking so long to give me my damn license number ugh!
  2. Hands down take the EET course, that helped me pass the PE Transpo depth second time around. I too took school of PE for the first attempt and felt completely unprepared.
  3. I'm loving all this info, helping me pass my time while I wait for my license. Since I found out that I passed the 8 hr exam on thrs. 12/6 at 5:18am, I submitted via email the notification of successful examination about a couple hrs after that on the same date. The first Friday of this month was the next day, 12/7 which passed and so hopefully according to what you said above, the 3rd Friday of this month will be in a couple more days, 12/21 and i'll officially have my license number. I am certain that all other requirements have been met on my end although I still have not received a confirmation from my evaluator yet since the email I submitted to them on 12/6. Hoping it all happens soon, I need my PE reimbursements from work and they require some form of proof from the State Board that I passed, a letter or email stating I have will suffice until I recieve my cert and paper pocket license.
  4. Thank you for the info........I really hope I don't have to wait another couple of weeks ugh! I guess it's just a waiting game at this point. Also, correct me if i'm wrong, next step is that I recieve an email from BPELSG with a congratulatory letter attached containing my license #? And then my actual license card and certificate will follow in the mail several weeks after the email?
  5. Thank you! a huge relief.......and yes, I submitted the notice of successful examination to BPELSG the same day I found out that I passed the 8 hr. Tomorrow will be the 2 week mark and I have yet to see my name uploaded into the online license lookup. I've been checking daily haha. I guess it should be uploaded soon, fingers crossed.
  6. Lol, you guys misunderstood my post, I submitted my technical application to the Board roughly two years ago or so and I was able to take all 3 parts of the Civil PE exam at once before they switched the system around requiring the passing of the 8 hr first before attempting the two State exams and such. My question is that I finally passed the 8 hr on 12/6 which is the last part that I needed to pass to attain licensure, how long does the Board take to upload my new license # to the online license lookup?
  7. I took all 3 parts of the Civil PE on Oct. 17', passed the 2 State exams, didn't pass the national 8 hr exam. I couldn't take the 8 hr exam on April 18' and I was finally able to this Oct. 18' and found out I passed on 12/6 at 5:18am PST lol. Anyhow, i submitted the notification of results form to the CA Board and I have yet to receive a license number? How long does this process take?
  8. no worries, just click into that persons acct to see previous posts and you'll see what i'm referring to.
  9. What do you mean "the man", this guy trolls hard
  10. the magic hour is upon us guys.....
  11. CA magic hour for results release is between 10-11am PST, might be receiving that gut wrenching email from NCEES soon
  12. Tomorrow is the day guys!
  13. results for CA will release the week of Dec. 3rd
  14. Looking back at old posts here on the EB, last October '17 results released on Dec. 4th for CA. I'm calling first week of December this time around as well.
  15. does this apply to CA as well? I too failed the 8 hr for the 3rd time and planned on taking it again this Oct.....
  16. engrTunis88


    yes, like I said, historically CA has released results before 11:30am PST......The bpelsg opens at 8 and they will need a couple hours to process and notify NCEES to release results.
  17. engrTunis88


    best of luck brother, you got this! best of luck to you
  18. engrTunis88


    yes it is ugh....first time taker?
  19. engrTunis88


    before 11:30am PST
  20. Results will be released today before 11:30am PST (CA time)......trusted source, i've been telling you all since Monday......i'm Baconator v2
  21. Dude i already told you all the results will be tomorrow...i am the new Baconator
  22. being how vague and unclear the Baconator was earlier today, he will prolly vaguely lose another persons test results instead lol.....
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