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  1. engrTunis88

    4th Attempt Going to Board

    does this apply to CA as well? I too failed the 8 hr for the 3rd time and planned on taking it again this Oct.....
  2. engrTunis88


    yes, like I said, historically CA has released results before 11:30am PST......The bpelsg opens at 8 and they will need a couple hours to process and notify NCEES to release results.
  3. engrTunis88


    best of luck brother, you got this! best of luck to you
  4. engrTunis88


    yes it is ugh....first time taker?
  5. engrTunis88


    before 11:30am PST
  6. engrTunis88

    Results Today-From Trusted Source

    Results will be released today before 11:30am PST (CA time)......trusted source, i've been telling you all since Monday......i'm Baconator v2
  7. Dude i already told you all the results will be tomorrow...i am the new Baconator
  8. says the Audi driver...
  9. being how vague and unclear the Baconator was earlier today, he will prolly vaguely lose another persons test results instead lol.....
  10. Which Beemer do you have?
  11. I told you guys a couple days ago that Thursday is the day we get our results...credible source, but y'all don't listen and kiss ass to the Baconator oh well
  12. engrTunis88

    hey guys

    Sticking to my sources, results will be released tomorrow the 24th
  13. engrTunis88

    hey guys

    you should Let's all take a rest from the EE forum tomorrow and tune back in Thursday morning
  14. engrTunis88

    hey guys

    I told you all it will be Thursday
  15. engrTunis88

    This Week...