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  1. Dear @Dean Agnostic, Proposed safety violations-$20,000. Love ❤️, DOL-Safety Officer, Oakland California.
  2. 3 steps to survive in Construction and Engineering Industry: 1. You “get the Job”. 2. Get the “Job done”. 3. Get the paycheck. (The hardest step) -Kiwi, the sage of NZ and Australia
  3. “Unless all the favors on your side, the ability to say no- is an advantage to the intelligent investor.” -Warren Buffett
  4. Does anyone know if there are criminal charges filed? If so, please send me the link of the article. This is scary 😨.
  5. What if the EOR has never been convicted of a felony and has never been indicted by a grand Jury, or has no criminal record, do you think there’s still jail time??? This is scary.
  6. Tomorrow morning: Hot Green tea, patience, paycheck, and pay credit card debt.
  7. Black Coffee with one packet zero calories sugar, White Tea, and Cheese Cake.
  8. Dean Agnostic

    Lyric battle!

    Baby If Could chaaaange the world
  9. Dean Agnostic

    Lyric battle!

    If I could reach the starsI'd pull one down for you....... .....But for now I findIt's only in my dreamsThat I canChange the worldI would be the sunlight in your universe
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