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  1. Dean Agnostic

    Lyric battle!

    ......There are times when you'll need someone, I will be by your side... There is a light that shine...
  2. Dean Agnostic

    Lyric battle!

    .........Cuz I can't be your superman Can't be you superman......
  3. Dean Agnostic

    Lyric battle!

    ......I told you it's ok Haihai, wanna ba-ba?, take a night night? na na boo, goo-goo ga-ga? Her make goo-goo caca? dada change your dia-dee.........
  4. Dean Agnostic

    Lyric battle!

    Yeah........uh huh uh huh...
  5. Future Computer-Based-Testing Power Examinees: "Piece of Cake!" Vs. NCEES CBT Test Makers: "Not so fast young Blood!"
  6. Dean Agnostic

    Lyric battle!

    I'm the one who wants to be with you 😉
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