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  1. Hello Vette388 Keep your head up. If its any consolation, I passed, but on my 3rd attempt. I took the SOPE course first attempt, last April. Overall, decent course, it definitely helped. For me, the biggest difference was understanding what the question is asking. My first 2 tries, I was solving problems, but not truly understanding the concept. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you find a method that works for you.
  2. Finally passed power!! 3rd attempt, no less. Keep at it, the hard work pays off.
  3. Hello Zach, thank you for the reply I have the above references. Again, there just doesn't seem to be too many questions that really dig into the topics I mentioned. Have about 3 full weeks to go, it would be great to get any questions pertaining to those areas
  4. Good morning all I am preparing for the April 2018 Exam. I have been working problems in the Spin Up, the CI and NCEES practice exams. Also, the Graffeo practice test. However, I do not feel confident about the depth of applications problems, specifically: Reliability, Demand Calcs, Energy Mgmt, and Energy Efficiency. I took the October exam, and did poorly in this area. Are there other resources to bolster my learning in these areas? Thanks in advance..
  5. Anyone interested in a study group?
  6. Hello rg1, I am interested in the CI set 1-4. Can i get those separately?
  7. I see, thanks for the info. BTW, if anyone can direct me to study info related to reliability,demand calculaations, or energy management, I would appreciate it.
  8. Good afternoon, could you please send me the energy management info? jabrandon7@gmail.com. I appreciate it.
  9. DC results back, didn't pass. Congrats to all that did, you deserve it.
  10. Geeez I took the power exam last month. I took a review class to prepare, and worked many practice problems. However, I still left the exam feeling very uncertain. If I don't make it over the bar this time, is anyone interested in a study group for April 2018? Thanks in advance.
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