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  1. 20 minutes ago, Roy W. said:

    Hey Team, looking for a starting point in preparing for the ME thermal & fluids exam, whats a good approach to getting better with the hydraulic & fluids equipment topic?

    Any good practice exams or problems you all would recommend. I have the merm, ncees 2016 TFS practice exam, 6min solutions, and a few reference binders with tabbed notes i put together.

    Looking for trusted sources to work problems and something to help gain a better understanding of hydraulics and fluid equipment for the exam. 

    Sign up for Dr. Tom's Classroom and call it a day. You can thank me later. :rotflmao:

  2. On 3/5/2019 at 11:52 AM, FA_Mechanical engineer said:

    Hi everyone,

    I have been thinking about taking Mechanical - HVAC & R; PE exam this October 2019 which I believe is the only time one can take paper based exam or otherwise computer based starting from April 2020 onwards. Due to personal reasons, I may not have enough time to prepare for October 2019 exam and may not be able to appear in the exam however if that happens I'll loose the opportunity to take paper based exam where I can bring all the reference materials including MERM, personal notes, charts, quick reference guides etc. I am now getting double minded whether I need to just take it in October 2019 and be done with it or just simply get ready for computer based testing system which does not allow you to bring anything with you besides the calculator I think!!!.

    My question is directly to the individuals who have already taken a computer based test in a different discipline and found it easier or difficult to take . Anyone who can comment the pros and cons of the computer based testing is welcome to comment here as well. I am sure this question is bothering a lot of future Mechanical test takers which would be dealing with a big change in the testing environment and how to prepare to overcome this change.

    Thank you for your comments in advance,

    FA_Mechanical engineer

    100% agree. Sign up for Dr. Tom's Classroom. Take exam in October. Pass. Thank me later.

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