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  1. Since I’m maf, I’m in, obvs.
  2. Great modding @ChebyshevII PE! 👻
  3. @JayKay PE purely by coincidence, I think that's how Jimmy Kimmel does/did it?
  4. Exactly! OT: I just pick whatever two non-consecutive days in the coming week that I know will work for me/be most convenient. And...that's pretty much it. Eat dinner at 18:00-19:00ish and uh...then do nothing. So E-Z! (And it's only "E-Z" because it's beenscheduled and I know it's coming so it's a fun challenge, iono, mind games)
  5. I WOULD LOVE THIS I MISS MY MTB AND THE AMAZING LOCAL TRAILS ....but I'm also super, super, super grateful to have a union job and protected income.
  6. This has been effective for me, just a tiny bit tricky to integrate 100% consistently since almost every day for me is actually a little different with respect to work schedule. I mix it up between 16/8 and 24-hour fasting (<--I like this one best, actually! easier to keep track and I don't generally get "hangry" [more, like, h-sleepy] so IM is not hard, like, at all, iono, YMMV). My vote is for 24-hours two days a week but of course do what feels acceptable to yer tummy. And to be honest, of course I lovvveeee food, but the convenience factor is a yuuge draw for this approach to reducing overall calories. Ouchie. Bum ankles AND knees?? Gahhh! We should start a "crap knees" thread and gripe like crusty Slavic/Chinese elders. "Knees are acting up, storm's coming..."
  7. Been off this thread for a little while. But please share my thanks with LadyRG for this. I had already been kinda/sorta doing my version of this (basically, just starting with a YUUGE portion of veg at the beginning of the meal but not measuring), it was very handy to have an actual number as a goal to measure up to. So, over the course of almost 2 weeks I've been stuffing my face with veg before EVERY meal (but I mix it up with the type of veg, it's really not bad at all plus I already really like veg) and since I have to go to the office nearly every day I walk across the street on my breaks to pick up a bag of you-name-it veg and bring it home so acquiring veg isn't as much of a headache as it could be. Results are good! I'm pretty close to my goal weight so the last 5-10 lbf are pretty tough (esp without bike commuting, thanks Rona). I still eat whatever I want but only after the veg portion and it has really helped curb what would otherwise have been a larger-than-necessary portion of whatever the entree was. As long as my fresh grocery supply stays convenient, this isn't that hard to do. Thanks LadyRG!
  8. Love the shenanigans with y’alls and VERY pleased I contributed...absolutely nothing.
  9. I *TOLD* you I wasn’t maf...until I said I was and wasn’t. Told you I was kamikaze.
  10. Also: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/coverage-of-landmark-nasa-spacex-commercial-crew-test-flight
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