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  1. Kidding, Sunday yard work SPAM.
  2. Can't wait for the cold White Claw waiting for me.
  3. Ok, I'll give it a go in the Dutch oven. I feel weird making a circular focaccia, but whatever it's a free country. I miss going to Liguria Bakery in North Beach!
  4. What do you have planned? I'm re-homing my chili peppers.
  5. I have a case of White Claw waiting for me! Thanks @vee043324!
  6. Bread question: have you made focaccia? If yes, should I make it on a traditional rectangle pan or can I make it in my dutch oven? Please provide estimate for consultant fees.
  7. Both are good options. So jealous of options.
  8. @vhab49_PE is up to speed. Back to spamming.
  9. It amuses me to hear "hella" come out of a New Yorker.
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