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  1. That's what I'm planning to do! I currently have basil growing, but I lucked out and I have a massive window at the office now so I'd like to get a small cash crop growing.
  2. Anyone ever try eating filius blue peppers? Trying to decide between those and the atomic starfish pepper. I just think it's neat to have a blue pepper, but I'm not sure about the flavor. I still want to cook with it.
  3. Korean kimchi soondubu-jjigae from the local Korean spot.
  4. Ok, y'all are distracting. These specs won't write themselves. See you after lunch, spammers!
  5. "Professional Zebra" is a hell of a job title.
  6. If you're electrical, are you a PEE?
  7. Why is everyone spamming already a PE? You get out what you put in, folks.
  8. I didn't know @Master slacker speaks Finnish.
  9. I'm just trying to bankroll my SPAM for second PE license (we license by discipline in CA).
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