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  1. It's not combustion, it's deflagration!
  2. I have a second set on deck using the wet paper towel method, but still nothing is happening.
  3. Chili pepper plants haven't sprouted yet. I might really need to get a heated blanket for this guy.
  4. Office basil plant is blowing up SPAM. Edit: Ooh! ToP!
  5. Something something macros. Something something counting...zzz....
  6. Only kidding. I have three meals the size of one snake meal. This is why I'm fat.
  7. I'm on the patent-pending Squaretaper Snake diet. One meal a day buys you a lot of time for other tasks!
  8. I only "diet" to budget room for booze.
  9. Take it back! We don't want it.
  10. Whoa, why are the linked images so huge...
  11. I have to admit, I've been having a hard time resisting the urge to just leave the office and never come back.
  12. I contemplated (not really, but just daydreamed) about just burning down the whole dang field. Also, what the heck is a SMOTT? Edit: Ooh! ToP!
  13. I mowed an acre of overgrown grass and weeds!
  14. @vhab49_PE is definitely going places.
  15. Also, gazpacho is flippin' gross.
  16. No, angel food cake with powdered aluminum frosting. That way when you light the birthday candles the entire room explodes!
  17. Reminder: Just say NO to ladders! Also: if it has electricity...you gon die.
  18. Think about it, it was someone's paid job (probably) to prepare this set for a photo shoot.
  19. That sounds ridiculously fancy. Are all Texans just crazy rich? Crazy rich Texans?? Also, I would like to try this champagne/brie soup, never to early to build up next winter's coat!
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