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  1. I always go for the engineer look.
  2. My favorite quote of the month: "soil - brown" - @txjennah PE
  3. You can get your SPAM right here SPAM.
  4. When was the last time you *actually* had SPAM?
  5. Job walk today for me too. Low/no SPAM for me today. Edit: Ooh! ToP! Mayhaps there will be SPAM after all.
  6. This. This is an acceptable post.
  7. Wow. Letdown of the decade.
  8. Is this your 2020 campaign slogan?
  9. I'm no longer in the systems integration game, I miss playing with electronics.
  10. Who are we kidding, @ChebyshevII_PE is full-time running this SPAM thread. Also, SPAM.
  11. I miss my Skype for business! WebEx is garbage.
  12. I do have a little Koyo unit running my beer making stuff at home. Not bad stuff!
  13. Ooo, neat! Are you more industrial control systems? Buildings? Government skunk works?
  14. The new AB Compactlogix controllers are cool, but I keep forgetting to add the terminal strip part numbers. Oops.
  15. Again, not the worst idea @SNAPE/SMOTT PE is on a roll! I do work for the guvmint...it takes an act of Congress to fire anyone...
  16. @knight1fox3 please send me a Compactlogix controller and a couple IO card to make this a reality. I will pay you in chili peppers and caprese salad. I would like the conformal coating adder because I routinely spill coffee.
  17. Anything basil makes me think of that episode from The Office when Michael thinks a bag of caprese salad is weed.
  18. Actually...this is not the worst idea. I'm going to marinate on this. I'm so lazy I'm seriously contemplating putting a PLC here to water my plants.
  19. It's annoying because the basil was just an afterthought and the seeds were free. The chili peppers are supposed to be the star, but right now it's just being an annoying diva who can't deliver.
  20. I'm sure I could just tent my whole cubicle with plastic drop cloth à la E.T.
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