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  1. Both are good options. So jealous of options.
  2. @vhab49_PE is up to speed. Back to spamming.
  3. It amuses me to hear "hella" come out of a New Yorker.
  4. I might get so much heat for this but...I like Bluebeam.
  5. Although, not any more than normal.
  6. I did the Tough Mudder in Patterson. Not much out there so I guess they host these events to bring more money in.
  7. We offer wine and other potent potables. We are, after all, the breadbasket of the world. Citation: http://eb5northerncalifornia.com/index.php?page=breadbasket-of-the-world
  8. I wonder...if you tossed a brick of SPAM into a "clean coal" power plant, you could probably power one average American home for a day. Boom, you just solved our energy problem.
  9. Are you certain you're not an inmate somewhere?
  10. Reminder: EBers is just beers spelled funny.
  11. YES. NY State Fair is awesome...ly fattening. Love it. Also, open invite to the California State Fair. If you're (all EBers) in town (Sacramento), beers are on me.
  12. Yeah I don't mean to beat up on Syracuse. It was, overall, a good experience.
  13. Ideally, use mineral sunscreen. They have tinted ones if you don't have a light complexion.
  14. Reminder to all: wear sunscreen every day, even if it's overcast. Just do it, you'll thank me later.
  15. As a California boy, it wasn't so much the magnitude of cold necessarily... It was the sheer volume of lake effect snow (LadySquare is from Albany, but we actually lived in Syracuse) that got me.
  16. Woohoo! Job walk at the main jail in 20 minutes. Catch you guys later!
  17. County. Neat, LadySquare and I spent a lot of time in Albany. We might move back some day. California is ridiculous.
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