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  1. squaretaper PE

    EB Cycling Club

    @leggo PE Dang, you are unkillable! Is your bike frame steel or aluminum? You might have to watch out for cracks either way, but steel can take more of a beating.
  2. squaretaper PE

    EB Cycling Club

    FWIW, I was RV'd (broke the side view mirror off) in Davis, CA, one of America's most "bike friendly" cities. Helmet saved my life for sure.
  3. squaretaper PE

    EB Cycling Club

    I highly, highly recommend Specialized helmets. They are one of the few bicycle helmet makers who voluntarily send samples to destroyed at the Snell Foundation testing lab. I have a friend from engineering school who worked at the testing lab and gave me a tour once. They really, REALLY destroy the helmets. Also good call on replacing the helmet. Even with a small tumble, I always recommend people to just replace it. All your expensive engineering noggins are not with cheaping out on!
  4. squaretaper PE

    EB Cycling Club

    Glad to hear you're OK @leggo PE!!!
  5. squaretaper PE

    Mechanical Engineer (PE) - HVAC

    I will ask LadySquare. CA real estate is killing us.
  6. squaretaper PE

    Handwritten notes w/pencil

    That's a good idea. I rewrote nearly 300 practice questions on engineering paper and detailed my solutions in pen when I was building my personal reference manual. I'd say it's better in pen anyway since you have color. I wrote the governing equations in red, conversions in blue, and notes/steps in black. That way, on exam day, as long as I found the sheet with a similar problem, the equation I needed would be standing out at me in red. Game changer (as a repeat taker).
  7. squaretaper PE

    How to Help Someone Taking the PE Exam?

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot: LadySquare packed a secret exam day care package with sugary snacks (for brain glucose), caffeinated beverages, road snacks (I had a long drive my first attempt), along with an encouraging card. Also, lots of booze or go out for a nice dinner after. He's going to be a ball of nerves for the following weeks so just be patient. Then remind him that it's just a stupid test and it doesn't "mean" anything about his abilities or intelligence. We all need reminders like that.
  8. squaretaper PE

    How to Help Someone Taking the PE Exam?

    I second what @leggo PE and @Szar suggest. LadySquare was a major champion of my study efforts and made time for me to study and kept me going with encouragement when I bombed practice exams. If he isn't doing it already, he needs a dedicated space (if you can swing it) where all his PE crap can sit and stay. You can help keep the simulation realistic by not intruding if he's taking a practice exam (versus just working practice problems), sort of like a simulation proctor? Lastly, tell him to join this forum and SPAM after the exam is over! He will find a supportive and loony community with lots of good advice for the exam and discipline-specific questions. Also, LadySquare is cashing in on her supportive efforts by making me promise getting her a horse?/mini pony? with my bags of PE ca$hmonie$. Just kidding, she said a vacation would suffice. So, start thinking about what you'd like to cash in for @Rebecca B!!
  9. squaretaper PE

    How many references are you bringing?

    Are we allowed to have the Mollier diagram tattooed on our forearms?
  10. squaretaper PE

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    Vee! SPAM buddy! You can do it!!! Yes, I'm organizing my reference binders again, too. I would suggest getting numbered dividers from your local stationary shop and create your own index for your worked out problems. It makes a world of a difference to quickly zero in on the topic area and look for similar problems. Good luck everybody! I'm stuDYING with you.
  11. squaretaper PE

    What's playing inside your head?

  12. squaretaper PE

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    Great advice for any test discipline: scan and reprint ALL your practice problems such that there's one problem per page and then organize them by topic. I picked this up from the Dr. Tom's Classroom review course and it was the #1 takeaway that helped me the most. Since you're taking the time to work a bajillion problems anyway, curating them is just a small additional step that will save a TON of time.
  13. squaretaper PE

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    @txjennah You got this SPAM buddy!
  14. ...is that what the voices in your head tell you? Thanks! I'll skip it, then.
  15. @kevo_55 I have what might be a dumb question but having been elsewhere in Asia I'm wondering, should I bring a face mask (N95/N99) to Taiwan?