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  1. If you're lucky, your table neighbor will wash out after lunch and not return. Then, you can REALLY spread your references on the table around you!
  2. This. This is how you study. Keep it up @cvanwy02! You can do it! I also found it helpful to run through a variety of HVAC practice exams. There's a lot of overlap with TFS but some years the exam will feature more or fewer HVAC questions, you'll want to be prepared when they decide to be sadistic.
  3. Unless you have sufficient years for an FE exemption, you have to take the FE exam AND have an EIT certificate. Now, the FE exam you take (if you take it) does not have to be in "Industrial and Systems" so you have a choice. I would choose whatever you think you have the highest likelihood of passing. For example, I have several ME friends who ended up taking the "Other Disciplines" exam just because they, for whatever reason, found it to be easier. You have the power of choice!
  4. Volunteering a friend: perhaps @pjavery can shed some insight. She is our resident rare, iridescent, Industrial PE.
  5. I don't want to discourage new test takers with any unnecessary fear mongering about references (or lack thereof). Regardless of whether you will take the new or old tests, if you diligently work a sufficient number of practice questions/exams and really internalize what's really going on with respect to theory, you'll see that it's really quite repetitive (speaking from a TFS standpoint, but I'm sure HVAC and MDM are probably the same, ask those weirdos ) and you'll pretty much memorize most forms of equations you'll ever need. I got to a point where I pretty much memorized steam table values and only looked things up as a sanity check. Remember, you're all very smart, beautiful, and capable, AND already working engineers. You can do it!
  6. I actually think this might force NCEES to water down the questions. Who really knows...
  7. @SacMe24 I think this wouldn't hurt MDM folks as much, what are your thoughts? I can say that TFS people should consider taking the paper-and-pencil exam this year if they can. I might take a crack at trying to do a practice exam with just this reference, just to see. But some of these tables are pretty hard to read. Look at the Moody diagram on page 204, that's pretty hard to use with an embedded table blocking the lines. Especially in the case of water where the Moody friction factor is 0.02 (usually, approximately) with turbulent flow (most real-life cases), kinda sucks to eyeball across that embedded table.
  8. Yowza...If anyone has been following my posts, I think I've said on no fewer than ten occasions I couldn't have survived without the Mollier diagram. This is just yet another reason people should just get the Mollier diagram tattooed on their forearms!
  9. I cannot agree with this enough. Just pay for the course, it definitely beats retaking the exam. Upvote anything @SacMe24 says.
  10. This. For the first time ever I hired movers earlier this year for Rancho Squaretaper. Worth. Every. Penny.
  11. I had really good luck with the Home Depot boxes. You could scrounge boxes from wherever, but for me it was helpful to have boxes that had the same uniform footprint. Also, the way they did the top flaps was pretty convenient. Read the instructions on the side of the box, you'll see.
  12. Now you have to change the "interests" section of your EB profile. ^__^
  13. Spam buddy! Well done!
  14. squaretaper PE

    NY State

    Well done @JayKay0914!!! I used to live in Syracuse. Neat!
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