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  1. You meant abstruse? Or, really, obtuse? I can see it working both ways...
  2. Neato analysis! Honest tip: Current game in play notwithstanding, and just so no one wastes too much time, I wouldn't take ANYTHING I say very seriously (in any round) if you're trying to actually solve the game. I'm here for socializing and distraction only. That said, totes maf.
  3. Fish n chips n mushy peas. Mmm...Icelandic cod.
  4. Me or Cheby? I already admitted to being maf so...not sure what is suspish! Vote your conscience!
  5. @tj_PE I vote for @ChebyshevII PE. 🦞
  6. Throwback work soundtrack today: In 1997, I thought this was the coolest thing.
  7. As someone scared of electricity, this is neato cool.
  8. @tj_PE I vote for @DuranDuran as a clapback for yesterday. It's not personal, it's just business.
  9. But...but...you were already burned from last week! So, you're a twice-baked potato now?
  10. Whoops! Thanks for the nudge Fishguy! Yes. I am, in fact, maf! Ahhhhh!
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