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  1. Speaking of soup, made meal prep for the week: chicken and rice soup This recipe: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/chicken-rice-soup I made it mostly the same as the recipe but I still had a bunch of older carrots, celery, and onion so I started the batch with a basic mirepoix just to use up the veggies. Also added some minced Thai chili peppers.
  2. @MadamPirate PE I vote for @JayKay PE. Because reasons.
  3. First of all: VERY nice hard-boiled egg, no ring! Second: cool vignette effect. Third: more wheat toast + cccccofffffffeeeeee.
  4. Hehe, I guess it's because it's a spell checker, not a typographical checker? I mean, "dude" *is* spelled correctly, trolololol.
  5. Yes, I have a Cygolite Dart attached to my helmet and a second light on a low rack mount on my fork (for better depth perception, it casts a better shadow than headlamp). For my ride home I have to ride on mixed surfaces: city streets, paved cycle path, and trail so it's kinda necessary.
  6. Fudgey still adds to rep, right?
  7. You might say Fish Guy is...a slippery one? I'll be here all day, folks.
  8. "We Have Met The Enemy, and they are Ours" - Oliver Hazard Perry
  9. Cheddar on lasagna? You monster!
  10. As long as @chart94 doesn't handle the food *after* baking, should be fine right? Temps above 122°F should kill off most bugs. Unless there's a *gasp* target in mind!
  11. I've never met a civil engineer.
  12. Maybe next maf theme is an engineering office but maf are corporate spies, cop is PM, doctor is HR, and drunk is the intern. Also, I'm not maf.
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