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  1. Went to go see this on $5 Tuesdays at the local megaplex. Holy crap, I still would have paid 4 times more to see it. It. Was. Excellent. LadySquare and I were so stressed out (in the best way) walking out of the theatre. Also, added Newman's scoring for this movie to my work concentration/focus playlist.
  2. Shouldn't it be ENarchy since it's the engineer boards? ...I'll show myself out.
  3. For a moment I thought you were talking about mental tension, trolololol.
  4. Did you get the baby?? Report! Edit: Soondubu for lunch. Yum.
  5. Golf is impossible. On topic: not maf.
  6. Wheat toast, ccccccccoffffffeeeeeee. Morning seems too early for tuna. Could just be me. Probably just me.
  7. T-t-t-triple post! Edit: denied!
  8. I love that the maf thread is the new SPAM thread.
  9. I think MS probably meant within the Maillard reaction phase but not quite in the carbonization phase? Just a guess, I wasn't there. I had the same.
  10. I think it was a discussion on rhotic versus non-rhotic accents...maybe. Alternatively, something something dropped syllable something something. For the record, English ≠ Linguistics, I'm just a hobbyist.
  11. I want my victims to see me coming. Humans are the best prey. @SaltySteve I'm in.
  12. Speaking of soup, made meal prep for the week: chicken and rice soup This recipe: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/chicken-rice-soup I made it mostly the same as the recipe but I still had a bunch of older carrots, celery, and onion so I started the batch with a basic mirepoix just to use up the veggies. Also added some minced Thai chili peppers.
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