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  1. This is some serious K-drams. The "K" is for killer...trolololol.
  2. Watched the High Score docu-series. It was excellent! So much nostalgia and really cool music to boot.
  3. *nods in middle distance runner cyclist* Only kidding, cool to see neato workouts I've never done.
  4. UGHHHH this is why this game stresses me out!
  5. Y'all better not kill me off first round again. I get berated for not taking the game seriously and now I'm trying. Also: NOT maf.
  6. Aw crap we started already??
  7. Hi friends, This is exactly what it sounds like. Use six words to describe where your brain is at: what your goals are, your struggles, your victories, your feelings, your disappointments, your joys, and everything in between. Have fun, good luck, stretch your creative juices, and tell your story. I'll go first: I am trying my best, y'all. Some background: https://www.npr.org/2008/02/07/18768430/six-word-memoirs-life-stories-distilled https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six-Word_Memoirs https://www.sixwordmemoirs.com/
  8. So what you're really saying is...you're a control freak! Well done @civilenvi!
  9. Neither, we're going with K-drams, yo.
  10. I'm in, but it has to be a Univision-style telenovela and/or a K-drama with shenanigans.
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