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  1. Flipping through the new ASHRAE handbook SPAM.
  2. Morning SPAMM---..wrong thread. Y'all need to SPAM more if we're gonna kick the Rona.
  3. Morning SPAMMERS. In the office today SPAM.
  4. Noted! Good thing I have a Casio, too! On topic: I only whip egg whites when LadySquare is occupying the stand mixer with something else. It's terrible. Your forearms must be stacked though!
  5. Homagah, looks amazing! I'm getting chonky just looking at these pics... Edit: I spy an FX-115ES Plus! We're a TI household.
  6. Finally found my Clarisonic in a moving box! Now I want to touch my face 'cause it's so clean but I can't 'cause Rona.
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