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  1. @EngMelCongratulations!!!
  2. @engineer123 Congratulations, so happy for you .
  3. @BioEngineerI agree with @GirlsCanDesign the CBT format is more similar to PPI, the pencil and paper was more similar to the NCEES Practice Exam. My advice is to go over the NCEES practice exam in these two weeks until you feel confident with it. Focus on solving more quantitative questions, If you got most of the calculation questions correct which can be achieved since the calculation questions were easy you will be fine. You do not know what to expect for the theory questions. Do not worry too much you will find the exam easier than what you expected. Best of luck, you got it and I hope to hear your good news soon.
  4. Got the result, I passed. Thank you to all the EB members who shared their exam experience. Big thanks to @GirlsCanDesign@txjennah PE for your help, advice and support.
  5. @waternerdCongrats!!!
  6. @waternerd Best of luck.
  7. @jtimothythompson Good luck.
  8. @GirlsCanDesign Thank you.
  9. @environ-profCongrats! @environ-prof@GirlsCanDesignSo do we need a new notepad? Since 30-40% are qualitative questions.
  10. @JMP1990Best of luck. 30-40% qualitative questions, that is so discouraging. Thank you for the advice.
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