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  1. Maryam

    Good Luck

    All the best to all of you on Friday. Good Luck
  2. Maryam

    Oct 2017 Cut Score?

    @txjennah that was my third time so I can not take the exam before a year. Thank you. I wish you all the best in October.
  3. Maryam

    Oct 2017 Cut Score?

    Failed, i do not know the score yet.
  4. Maryam

    Oct 2017 Cut Score?

    Same thing, the morning was bad but i did well in the afternoon i do not know if i will pass or not. Yes, having all subjects was confusing. Hope all of us will pass this time😊
  5. Maryam

    Oct 2017 Cut Score?

    Yes, the morning was bad.
  6. Maryam

    Structural Depth April 2018

    Is that means if someone got 50/80 it will be count as 70% and will pass.
  7. Maryam

    When to take? Oct 18 vs Apr 19?

    Since it is your first time, I think it is better to try the paper test and I hope you will pass. If not, you can still try the CBT, in this way you wont miss the paper test. Also it depends on which one (paper vs CBT) you feel more comfortable with.
  8. Maryam

    Environmental PE exam

    You are welcome. I am surprised, the specifications are not showing it that way. I was thinking that Water and Air will be the morning section. Hope it will be easier for every one.
  9. Maryam

    Environmental PE exam

    According to the new specifications, the morning and afternoon sections will include all topics. Below is the response from NCEES to my email: "The way the exam is organized has changed with the new specifications. Now all area on the specification will be covered on both the morning and afternoon section. For example there will now be 12 water problems on the morning portion and 12 on the afternoon."
  10. Maryam

    NCEES Practice Exam

    If any one bought the new NCEES practice exam (Environmental) book, are there new questions comparing to the old version? Thanks.
  11. Maryam

    Any idea about TX reults?

    Correction: Sorry your time.
  12. Maryam

    Any idea about TX reults?

    Thank you, I appreciate you time.
  13. Maryam

    Any idea about TX reults?

    @trackerjackerThank you, are the lectures sent to you or do you have to view them at a scheduled time?
  14. Maryam

    Any idea about TX reults?

    How was the solid waste, remediation, and water resources? for air I found the Air pollution Control by Cooper very helpful.
  15. Maryam

    April 2018 Enviro Exam Now 80 Questions!

    Thank you.It looks the same, I think they just change the format according to the new specifications( water+Air for the morning section).