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  1. Got the result, I passed. Thank you to all the EB members who shared their exam experience. Big thanks to @GirlsCanDesign@txjennah PE for your help, advice and support.
  2. @waternerdCongrats!!!
  3. @waternerd Best of luck.
  4. @jtimothythompson Good luck.
  5. @GirlsCanDesign Thank you.
  6. @environ-profCongrats! @environ-prof@GirlsCanDesignSo do we need a new notepad? Since 30-40% are qualitative questions.
  7. @JMP1990Best of luck. 30-40% qualitative questions, that is so discouraging. Thank you for the advice.
  8. @GirlsCanDesignThank you for sharing, so helpful information.
  9. @GirlsCanDesignHeyyyyy, 👏🏻👏🏻congratulations.
  10. @engineer123The seller mentioned that it is the 2018 copy.
  11. @engineer123 On amazon, it shows the same new book cover, I emailed the seller to check if it is the 2018 copy. he did not respond yet.
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