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  1. Mcgurr

    Thank you EngineerBoards.com!

    I second that; Thank you EngineerBoards.com!
  2. Mcgurr

    How important is abet accreditation?

    I think its very important. I agree with Surf and Snow, many employers only accept ABET accredited Engineers. I know the company I work for (Shipyard) and several surrounding companies flat out say "Must be ABET Accredited." Plus, ABET accredited allows you to sit for the P.E. IMO, its Accredited or not at all.
  3. Mcgurr

    Virginia Out!

  4. Mcgurr

    Grading/Cut Score Theories - GO!

    According to PE Sample Questions and Solutions: Electrical and Computer Engineering (ISBN: 9781932613117), "NCEES does not use a fixed-percentage pass rate such 70% or 75% because licensure is designed to ensure that practitioners possess enough knowledge to perform professional activities in a manner that protects the public welfare." With that being said, IMO I think the cut score is approximately 70% on average. This is based on observing past failing scores hovering around 55/80 (68.75%).
  5. Mcgurr

    How to pass PE Electrical and Electronics

    Those are very good pointers. I've failed the test the first time as well (pass the second). The trick is to never give up.
  6. A common question asked: "What Prep Course worked best for you and why?"
  7. Some Engineers reported using a hand full of training videos from http://electronicspeprep.com/ to aid in passing the FE. It might be too in-depth on most subjects, however some training videos target the same core concepts (Norton, Thevenin, Truth Tables, etc.). Based on the feedback, the overall goal was to sit for both FE and PE back-to-back.
  8. Mcgurr

    Adding Credentials

  9. Mcgurr

    Upset with my ex-boss after I passed my PE

    WOW. "If we want to pass PE,everyone in this company can pass PE!" Holy bat shit, batman. I heard some arrogance in my day, but this is some serious bovine fecal matter. If P.Es are so easy, why doesn't ever Engineer have one? SuperKK, don't even give this person a second thought. That statement is one of the dumbest things a person can say in the Engineering World.
  10. Mcgurr

    Good Luck Today

    I'm thinking June 1st. That's my prediction.
  11. Mcgurr

    Virginia Results!!!

    Good Evening, funny you should ask...I just got my certificate today. It came in a roll and seems to be 11x14 in size with a seal. The board member signatures are on it, however it appears Photoshop. Still looks awesome tho. Hopefully, your certificate is in the mailbox as well.
  12. Mcgurr

    Virginia Results!!!

    Received my License (wallet size) in the mail yesterday.
  13. Mcgurr

    Virginia Results!!!

    Looks like its a good Friday. My name is now posted on DPOR License Lookup.
  14. Mcgurr

    Virginia Results!!!

    Couldn't agree more.
  15. Mcgurr

    Virginia Results!!!

    Thats a bummer. The subject for the ethics exams states "Virginia Board for APELSCIDLA Examination on Regulations" and approval email states "April 2017 Advanced PE Exam Approval Letter." I feel like the black sheep of DPOR. Im guessing no one can see their name on the DPOR website yet?