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  1. For the people who have their results, did you get an email first or did you just keep refreshing and noticed that you passed/failed?
  2. I had no idea that the results were going to be released that day. I also thought they were going to take another two weeks, so it seemed like I got my results early.
  3. I received my email notification for the last October PE exam at 5:30 PM CST on Dec. 8th, so I am not going to give up on today just yet. But honestly, I do think that the results will be here on the 7th sometime.
  4. It looks as if the April examinees received their exam results on the 25th of May which would be the day right before the week 5 mark. Hopefully NCEES will continue the trend and do the same for the October exam. If that's the case we could possibly expect to see exam grades around November 30th-31st. If not, I am sure we will be able to see results the following week. I am just ready to know if I passed or failed the exam already!
  5. Has Everyone received the NCEES email that is asking you to fill out a survey of the exam? I was readying a thread from the April exam on this forum and it has me curious.
  6. Reading how everyone felt about the TFS exam is a great relief. I too felt that there were some questions that were not expected to be on the exam. I took School of PE which helped incredibly, however, there were multiple questions that were said to have a "very low chance" of showing up on the exam. With that being said I feel that the morning exam was a little difficult and I am glad I did the thermo problems the way I did. I feel that there was around 7 questions that I had no clue on and guessed in the morning and 3 with some sort of clue what the answer was and the other 30 were pretty confident answers. The PM session was much more difficult leaving me with around 14 questions that I had to guess and/or redo. 7 or 8 of which no clue and the other 6 or 7 were just redone with 70% confidence. The other 26, I felt confident on. I am anxious to see the results since I tend to work fast and screw my units up sometime. This test had tons and tons of conversions it seemed like to me. I really hope that they bring the cut score down from 70%. It sounds like everyone is in the same boat. MODERATOR NOTE: 1. Per your NCEES policy, you are not allowed to discuss or disclose exam specific content. Please do NOT post questions on here. 2. Your post has been edited to remove references to specific exam topics and questions. 3. Please be mindful of your NDA.
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