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  1. YES. I had a copy of some really comprehensive steam tables from college. I did not have to interpolate a single time on the exam. Those are valuable minutes saved.
  2. Yes, but you can't write on it during the test
  3. I've just accepted a promotion to supervise the group I am currently in. The position is classified as "Supervisory General Engineer" (GS-0801-13 for you other feds out there). However, there is little agreement on what the real position title is. It seems that in government they like to use the term "Chief" in place of Supervisor or Manager. So some people refer to this position as the "Chief of Engineering" and others refer to it as the "Engineering Supervisor" or variations thereof. Thoughts?
  4. sambisu


    Just got my email this afternoon!
  5. sambisu


    The two are totally unrelated. The PE is not required for the promotion. Just another thing I am stuck waiting on.
  6. sambisu


    I downloaded the licensee list from DORA. Based on when licenses were issued in the past, they are taking quite a bit longer this time around for some reason. Usually in the 1-5 days range after results are released. We are at 13 days now.
  7. sambisu


    Now I'm also stuck waiting to hear back on a promotion. Interviewed last week for a supervisory position. I feel like I am in a state of endless waiting for things out of my hands.
  8. sambisu


    An undergrad engineering degree counts for 4 of the 8 years. So then you just need 4 years of engineering work experience.
  9. sambisu


    Still nothing in Colorado...anyone talked to DORA? Seems odd that in the past people would have gotten license numbers so quickly but now we are a week out from results and still nothing.
  10. sambisu


    I haven't heard of any automatic pay bumps for getting a PE. However, it can open doors to higher paid opportunities down the road.
  11. Following @cornsnicker3's is what worked for me and some thoughts for future test-takers. This was my first (and only) time taking the exam. The only books I ended up using or needing were MERM, Engineering Unit Conversions, and steam tables. The steam tables I used were a version published by Iowa State University which I held on to from my undergrad. I actually looked into whether they still print them, but couldn't get an answer. They were a huge help though as they were much more comprehensive than anything else I found. I did not have to interpolate a single time to get through the exam. If you are questioning the need for the Engineering Unit Conversions book, GET IT! I used it a lot while studying as well as during the actual exam. In general, my studying looked like this: Started by attempting to read through MERM in its entirety and gave up after 3 or 4 chapters. Completed the NCEES 2016 practice exam twice un-timed. On the second pass, I made a note sheet of all the commonly used equations. This eventually became my exam "cheat sheet". Completed the exam a third time (not in one sitting) timed. Also tabbed MERM as I went along. Completed Slay the PE once un-timed. Made additions to my cheat sheet as I went through. Made sure I understood each problem. Completed Slay the PE (not in one sitting) timed. WEEKEND BEFORE THE EXAM: Completed NCEES 2016 in one sitting (giving myself the same format as exam day with a one hour break between AM and PM sessions...also did not allow myself any scratch paper besides the exam itself). I made a point of not even looking at this exam for about 6 weeks prior to this so I would hopefully not just remember how I worked out the problems. I also went through and worked out all of the practice problems that @Slay the P.E. posted on this forum. Not sure total number of hours studied, but would guess somewhere in the 100-150 hr range. Opinions on practice exams taken: NCEES 2016 - Spot on as far as difficulty and type of questions. Slay the PE - Definitely more difficult than the actual exam, but really helpful as it hit the right topics. Definitely worth the investment for the solutions.
  12. sambisu


    Well there was a fee you had to pay to apply and get approved to take the exam. I don't think there are any more fees until you renew.
  13. sambisu


    Still no license number as of this morning.
  14. sambisu


    Right. I'd be VERY surprised to see them do anything that quickly.
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