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    See the “Colorado” topic under the “October 2017” forum:
  2. JesColorado


    Yes it’s for real. I had my license number the same day I found out I passed. Doesn’t mean it’ll happen this time around. But it’s the truth.
  3. JesColorado


    For the October 2017 Exam CO didn't get their results until the 2nd day of the results being released. So that may explain why it is different, seeing that the CO results were released on the 1st day this time around.
  4. JesColorado


    We got our CO license numbers the same exact day results were released (October 2017 exam date). Not sure if that will happen this time around. Congrats!
  5. I wonder if they took that into account when grading/setting the cut scores in 2017 - Maybe they knew in 2017 that in 2018 they would reduce the number of questions from 100 to 80 so when they set the cut score they kept that in mind? Who knows...?
  6. Environmental Exam - I took School of PE. For the majority of the test I only referenced my notes/slides/practice problems from the course. SOPE did not touch on every single topic tested so I did have to use some of my other books (Cooper and Alley, Metcalf and Eddy, etc.) to answer a handful of questions. Ultimately though, I felt that I relied very heavily on my SOPE notes/slides/practice problems throughout the exam. I did a ton of self studying on the side, too. The SOPE was helpful in regards to refreshing my memory on topics I had forgotten since college and providing me with references during the exam, but if I hadn't studied additionally on my own I do not think I would have passed. I also recommend doing the problems in the Environmental Reference Manual. Yes they are harder and longer than the NCEES problems, but I think they reinforce concepts.
  7. Ok so I just talked to my coworker who took and passed the PE in Colorado in April 2017. He said that the state sent him his license number and submitted the verification to NCEES. This happened approx. 2 weeks after the results came out. In the mean time you should complete your NCEES Record License Verification - PE References, School Transcripts, Work Verification, etc. while you wait for your official license number to be sent by CO to NCEES.
  8. From what I saw they were basically the same questions - Just formatted as Maryam said. I am not sure if NCEES will issue a new practice exam for the computer based exams after the last paper and pencil exam in Fall 2018.
  9. I have the same question - Is there anything we need to do on our end in the mean time?
  10. Me, too! I have my ski season back
  11. Pass environmental first time - So relieved - I officially have my ski season back (if we ever get snow!)!
  12. Oh also - You don't have to purchase the handbook - It is free on the NCEES website. The FE one has been available free for years, so has the Chemistry handbook, and the Enviro. was just made available last month and is also free.
  13. Took it in CO - First time taker. Still waiting on results. Not holding my breath on passing... I work in water/wastewater permitting so air, waste, remed. killed me...
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