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  1. Hello Does anyone have the following two practice exam that they want to sell: 1) MDM practice exam by hart and Klein. 2) 6 min solution (85 problems and solutions) for MDM
  2. Engineer_562

    2011 NCEES practice exam (mechanical systems)

    I will really appreciate if you inbox me the 2011 practice NCEES exam, the one that has 11 problems more than the current version.
  3. Thank you all for your wonderful responses. Here is what I have learned about what I need to do different next time. 1) Solve the problems on paper like in exam using the exam pencil and calculator instead of just reading and thinking that i will be able to solve them in exam. l have a bad habit of doing this. 2) Only solve problems that I don’t know how to solve and leave the easier ones. I used to think it will be a bonus if I solve the easier ones anyway. I need to focus on the ones that I am having trouble with first and then think about the rest. 3) Beleive it or not! There were problems in the exam that I missed and later I found that they were in the references I took with me. I just didn’t look enough or assume quickly that they are not in references. I need to be more familiar with my references. 4) I need to solve problems that are more related to exams than all problems that I see in the books. In other words, I need to use my energy effectively. Hope this helps other members who are taking the October exam.
  4. For folks, who didn’t pass, what changes are you going to make in your preparation next time?
  5. Engineer_562

    NCEES practice exam problem 103

    Dear All, can you help me understand this problem and how the solution was arrived in the solution, back of the book. I learned online that UCL is 3 times sigma. CL is the average and lies in the center with UCL and LCL the boundaries and that 99.7 percent times the data point will fall between UCL and LCL. The confusing part of the question is there are multiple columns and rows with almost no clear description of what they are and what the experiment is. For UCL and LCL, we need one list of data so we can find the standard deviation and mean to find UCL and LCL. Please tell me what I am missing. Thanks
  6. Engineer_562

    MDM Practice Exam by Hart & Klein

    Jvanoye do you have this exam in PDF or physical book? If electronic, can I have a copy of it? Willing to pay of course.
  7. Engineer_562

    MD&M practice problem of the week

    Slay the PE, thank you for your response. This was an excellent problem to solve. If you have more, please post more. Thanks again
  8. Engineer_562

    MD&M practice problem of the week

    Hello, Thanks for posting this problem. I have two questions about the solution tho. 1) why is the area normal to force P=t*2? The way I see it is t is the thickness which should not be consider for the normal area to P 2) why is x=3in in the moment for bending stress?
  9. Engineer_562

    MDM problem help

    Hello, can someone confirm if this is a correct solution. I am not sure where 3 came from for Nw. Thanks in advance.
  10. Dear Engineers, I will be taking the PE mechanical MDM exam in April and recently took a practice exam. I found many problems that were completely new to me and I know there are going to be problems in the actual exam that will be completely new to me. Of course, my goal is to solve as many problems as possible (or at least review it). How do you handle situation where you have to solve a PE exam problem that is totally new to you? ( you can't even guess) I am just looking for tips and techniques.
  11. Engineer_562

    Bolt strength problem. Need help!

    Thank you for your reply ramnares and tj PE. I agree. OR The diameter of the bolt has to be given in order to find the number of bolts needed because that way we can find the max allowable stress for each bolt and divide that by the total load.
  12. Engineer_562

    Bolt strength problem. Need help!

    Hello dear Engineer, I have this bolt strength problem and I am trying to understand the concept. Assume, there is a plate of thickness t and diameter D. It has to hold a cable load of force P. How many bolts do we need to have on this plate to carry the load P. (the way I look at the problem and what I have done so far is find the tensile strength of bolts from shigley, use a factor of safety, and use normal stress formula to find the diameter of the bolts, but the number of bolts can be arbitrary?) The problem I am having is that the number of bolts can be anything as long as the strength is met. Right? This is just an example. If you have these type of problems solved, please let me know. The concept is about finding the number of bolts on a plate to hold certain cable force. Thank you
  13. Engineer_562

    2011 NCEES practice exam (mechanical systems)

    I received it. Thank you
  14. Engineer_562

    2011 NCEES practice exam (mechanical systems)

    I just messaged you.