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  1. I haven't. A friend who also passed got his. He called them a few times. Maybe bugging them gets things sped up. Pretty annoying it is taking this long.
  2. 1. Realizing all the stupid time spent studying caused my Splatoon 2 skills drop enough for my darn kid to get better than me....I'm a failure in two arenas now!!!
  3. I agree. I didn't study a single second for the FE and passed first try. I studied for the PE, but didn't sniff triple digits in hours studied. My biggest problem was I should have asked for accommodations for a standing desk, but didn't. I have hip problems and can't sit long. Like an idiot I thought I could tough it out. I left both sessions around 45+ minutes early because I was in so much pain I couldn't focus much. I think I might have squeaked by if I could have used all the time.
  4. Try again ASAP. Besides pride being hurt, there is nothing to lose.
  5. Kyle In WA

    PE 10/27 Trans

    @Hadid anything you plan on doing different? Going to take a class or anything? I'm undecided if a review class is worth the money.
  6. @smrob the idea of twins gives me the shivers! Someone should just hand you your PE and say "you're bearing more than 99.9% of Americans can bear, how much do you want us to pay you!" We don't have much family help either. In 6 years of having kids, we've had 5 nights away together. I love my boys, but it does make it hard to fit time in to study without adding to the load my wife is already dealing with. The most applicable thing I've read about working parents was a tweet that went something along the lines of: "if the Dad is working full time, and the Mom is at home full time taking care of the young kids, both think Saturday is their day off and they are both wrong!"" hahaha!
  7. Take it again in April, and don't study. You know probably more than almost anyone on this forum, test material wise. My study hours are a joke compared to yours, and I wasn't too far off from passing. I took the FE right out of school without studying and passed, and I think part of it was I felt ZERO pressure. The worst that can happen is you'll be out some money, but you'll have lost no sleep studying, stress level will be near zero, and I bet a test that happens to line up a bit more with what you know would have you passing! My college roommate was Chem-E. He brought home homework that made my skin crawl and my eyes cross. He was without a doubt smarter than me by a large margin, but every calculus and engineering class we took together I blew him out of the water on test scores. He was freaked out, and I wasn't. So man, I bet you know it all and just give it a shot with you going in super low stress and low energy spent. What is there to lose?!?
  8. Two is rookie status Actually, your PE should count double!
  9. So, for every kid you have you gain a +4 answer credit towards your final score...Any backers?!?! With 3 boys all under 6 myself, I still might have bombed!! Any parents to commiserate with me???
  10. Kyle In WA

    PE 10/27 Trans

    Hey Hadid! I took trans, first time, and also didn't pass. Hang in there buddy!
  11. Thanks guys! I'm not feeling that bad as I can just blame my lack of studying on having 3 kids The crazy thing about the results getting released is it's either pure joy, or pure miserable middle ground!
  12. I didn't deserve to pass, didn't study near enough! Just wanted to let other non-passers know, you're not alone! See ya in April.
  13. Here is what is annoying me in my grieving process, whatever step I happen to be on. If I took the AM test my senior year in college I would have completely nailed it. I passed the FE with ZERO studying my senior year. And put the CERM in my hand with some other reference materials (AASHTO, HCM, MUTCD), I would bet money I would have breezed through the PE. I feel my 10+ years of work experience mean nothing in measuring if I'm a professional or not in my field. I would have done better at 23 straight out of school with a couple weekends of studying without a doubt.
  14. Just took the PE Civil in Transportation for the first time. I didn't study as much as I should have, might still have a shot I passed, but that is related to my question. I have arthritis and sitting more than 45 minutes KILLS my hips. I am an idiot and thought I could just deal with it for a day. Surprise, surprise, I couldn't and I think that alone may have cost me passing with leaving around 50 minutes early each session because I was squirming in pain. I left around 8 questions (plus some pure clueless ones) to guessing that I feel I probably could have worked out with time. If I requested a sitting OR standing station (the option to do both at any given time) do you think that would be granted? I'm definitely making the request if I have to retake, but I was just curious if anyone has experience with accommodation requests. Thanks.
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