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  1. I don't know if everyone gets the same feeling about Surveying as I do; but for me, it seems like the material is not entirely bad... most of the problems are understandable. But the timing just SUCKS BIG TIME... This was my 3rd attempt, and still i wasn't able to finish all 55 questions on time... i guessed on 10... I did a lot of prac problems, but still... the exams seems so time constrained.
  2. Took Surveying. Like always, i ended up running out of time. I guessed on 10 for sure, and feel OK on the rest. Maybe about 10 more guesses and confident on 35 as well. My third time as well, hopefully this one is the one.
  3. I'm getting a vibe that it'll be May 13 .... I'm waiting for surveying results! 😖
  4. I would suggest you take one more CBT practice exam tomorrow. If time permits today, try to skimpily revisit some of the area you still have weakness based on your CBT results and call it quits. Do not try and study or learn anything tomorrow. Tomorrow should be 100% relax.
  5. I can feel it being today! Good Luck everyone!
  6. I second this! Also, if you're the type that waiting for results kills you, then schedule it at the end of the month. This way, you'll only have to wait about 2 weeks for results.
  7. Is this course being offered again for 2019? I checked the schedule, but it still shows the 2018 schedule.
  8. I believe Part B can be hand written.
  9. I think i'm realizing that the time you get your email might actually depend if you pass or fail... I think the board sends all fails at one time and all passes at another... Just a theory...
  10. Oh yeah, I sadly have a number of times lol May 2018 Results : Tue Jun 12 @ 1:37 PM June 2018 Results: Thu Jul 12 @ 3:45 PM August 2018 Results: Mon Sep 10 @ 9:30 AM November 2018 Results: Wed Dec 12 @ 3:42 PM December 2018 Results: ...... All times are Pacific
  11. Never mind. I take that back lol I just saw that in September 2018, August results came in at 9:46 AM lol
  12. Well, so far I don't think the board has released results in the mornings, is usually after 12 pm. So no reason to check right now..
  13. I got my re-examination form denied because I'm still waiting on results. I guess the board doesn't process re-examinations until they know you've fail. Is understandable, I guess, but now I'm going to have to wait until Quarter 2 if I end up failing.
  14. I'm guessing by the end of this week.... Jan 11
  15. I got my check cashed last week, but still haven't received any approval email. Do I still have a chance to make for Quarter 1?
  16. I want to say you can expect to have results for surveying by the end of today. Your seismic won't come in until mid-October tho... long wait!
  17. marginal, deficient, marginal, marginal, deficient, deficient... in that order..
  18. thanks! trying to stay hopeful. On the plus side, i did better this time than last time... so i think I'm heading on the right direction lol
  19. failed...seismic... again 😥😥😥
  20. When? This week maybe.... tomorrow... 🤐
  21. Yes, I submitted my form like on June 13, and got approved the first week of July for Quarter 3. I'm already register to take it in September.
  22. ^^ both answers. Yes, both answers helped. thank yo very much!
  23. General question, and just for my knowledge... Everyone who took their exam in June (June 1-June 30) got their result in Mid-July? Is there any potential that if you take it like the last week of the month, or even the last day of the month, that your results will come not on the following month, but the one after? just because it was so late in the month?
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