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  1. quique07

    Reference Form

    I believe Part B can be hand written.
  2. quique07

    December 2018 Test Results

    I think i'm realizing that the time you get your email might actually depend if you pass or fail... I think the board sends all fails at one time and all passes at another... Just a theory...
  3. quique07

    December 2018 Test Results

    Oh yeah, I sadly have a number of times lol May 2018 Results : Tue Jun 12 @ 1:37 PM June 2018 Results: Thu Jul 12 @ 3:45 PM August 2018 Results: Mon Sep 10 @ 9:30 AM November 2018 Results: Wed Dec 12 @ 3:42 PM December 2018 Results: ...... All times are Pacific
  4. quique07

    December 2018 Test Results

    Never mind. I take that back lol I just saw that in September 2018, August results came in at 9:46 AM lol
  5. quique07

    December 2018 Test Results

    Well, so far I don't think the board has released results in the mornings, is usually after 12 pm. So no reason to check right now..
  6. quique07

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    I got my re-examination form denied because I'm still waiting on results. I guess the board doesn't process re-examinations until they know you've fail. Is understandable, I guess, but now I'm going to have to wait until Quarter 2 if I end up failing.
  7. quique07

    December 2018 Test Results

    I'm guessing by the end of this week.... Jan 11
  8. quique07

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    I got my check cashed last week, but still haven't received any approval email. Do I still have a chance to make for Quarter 1?
  9. quique07

    August Test Results

    I want to say you can expect to have results for surveying by the end of today. Your seismic won't come in until mid-October tho... long wait!
  10. quique07

    August Test Results

    marginal, deficient, marginal, marginal, deficient, deficient... in that order..
  11. quique07

    August Test Results

    thanks! trying to stay hopeful. On the plus side, i did better this time than last time... so i think I'm heading on the right direction lol
  12. quique07

    August Test Results

    failed...seismic... again 😥😥😥
  13. quique07

    August Test Results

    When? This week maybe.... tomorrow... 🤐
  14. First time application or Re-Exam?
  15. quique07

    CA seismic and topo -June results

    Yes, I submitted my form like on June 13, and got approved the first week of July for Quarter 3. I'm already register to take it in September.