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  1. quique07


    although guys, to be fair... Last October, my this time, the board had already put an announcement in their website that results were going to be out that day. So far, nothing has been posted...
  2. quique07


    Guys, CA will probably release until at least 10 AM. Is still to damn early in the West Coast!! State board personnel are still at Starbucks getting their coffee ON!
  3. quique07


    Lol no! Cuz back in December, it was PST lol You guys will get ur results on PDT... does it matter? lol
  4. quique07


    Yes, PST!!!! sorry... lol
  5. quique07


    Last October, my result e-mail came in at 11:15 AM
  6. Got it!! Mid June it is then! lol
  7. Does this mean that if I took the seismic the first week of May, and if for some reason, Prometics has my results ready, I can potentially receive results before the end of May?
  8. quique07


    ...is where the new Miss will be crown tonight at! Be sure to tune in Watch!!
  9. On top of that, if you really wanna cheat the waiting time, then take the exam towards the end of the month... this way, your results will be posted about 2 weeks after lol
  10. Also, Last Fall, when NCEES released results. California put an announcement on their website letting them know, results would be out that day as well. So far the Board of CA hasn't put anything. So maybe another week...?
  11. quique07

    CA Specif Exams

    So everyone who took their exam from April 1 to April 30, got their results today?
  12. omg! good luck!!
  13. quique07

    CA Specif Exams

    For the April Takers, aren't results over due now?
  14. quique07

    It could be today, or the next day or the day after that.

    By the way, the email notification comes in a little after the result is posted on NCEES... When i got my score, i saw it first because I was F5-ing the life of the website... 20 mins later the email came in. So you guys might want to check the website first... Just a thought.