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  1. wedyan

    Texas Results

    anyone will take Geotechnical this coming April?
  2. Thanks a lot! wish you all the best...I decided on retaking the exam next October to give my self more time to go through the books you mentioned that am ordering already.
  3. Thank you so much! I have some of the ones you listed but not all! you had a really good practice, how long did you study for the test?
  4. Thank you so much for all the help, am not giving up and will have it sooner not later!
  5. I did like the real test as well I worked 6 minute solutions, goswami practice exams and other problems as well as the NCEES practice test, they were hard but I went through the solutions also, I think I'll need more work that's why thinking more of October not April to retake it. Thanks
  6. goswami or lindeburg? I have both but didn't go through every single page but on the exam I looked through both and got lucky on few, I took Testmasters course and it was OK for the morning part but not helpful for the Geotechnical it was so basic.. I live in Houston, Texas
  7. Same here! it was horrible experience that I'll have to go through it again but will wait I guess till next October I think I need more books to help
  8. Congratulations! what else did you study? and how did you find the geo part was it familiar
  9. Also what have you done different from your first attempt? did you have to get new study materials or additional materials or just worked more on the same? if you can list some of the study materials you think helped most beside the one you mentioned. and CONGRATULATIONS
  10. I seen many people recommending this, I looked it up on Amazon and seen different ones or editions, can you post a picture of which one is?
  11. I failed and this was my first time taking the test ... also got what I was not expecting in the morning!
  12. what state, I don't see any update on mine (Texas)
  13. Oh Ok, am getting so nervous already can't imagine going through this again
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