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  1. it's too much really can't wait it's too late this time compared to other time they released the results. checking on NCEES like every 5 minutes last night and still doing so 😓
  2. so are you saying there's no chance to get the results today or this week because of that meeting?
  3. how to search it on Texas board? Check grades? please notify here which one announce first
  4. do you guys have any idea when the results will be released?
  5. wedyan

    October 2019 Exam!

    any news about the results? I tried to contact NCEES and the board but the typical answer of 8 to 10 weeks. it would be 6 weeks this Friday and it usually should be this week just hate this wait so stressed already 😣
  6. wedyan

    October 2019 Exam!

    oh interesting! I guess you're the first one I'll check with on the results
  7. wedyan

    October 2019 Exam!

    thank for that, I do have that book and used as well during the exam. why do you think it would be till the 2nd week of December! my first attempt I took the test October 27th and received results on December 4th. if I'll pass that's fine I can wait 😂
  8. wedyan

    October 2019 Exam!

    does anyone here have a good theoretical practice questions kind of if am saying it right, anyway something to help if I had to retake the test which is very possible sadly, but I have to have something to help with theoretical part because I was covered for problems since I had a lot of practice problems for morning and I was prepared for the geo part as well I mean numerical ones. this is long wait for the results isn't am going crazy
  9. wedyan

    October 2019 Exam!

    thanks for the information! let's hope for the best for all of us because am sure we all don't want to go through this again...hopefully
  10. wedyan

    October 2019 Exam!

    my first attempt was October 2017! this is my second time. the first time I had a very short time to prepare but it was difficult and I believe that's why they gave like a curve or something at that time but still missed it! the PM part this time is too tricky and the number of theoretical just amazed me. I felt good in the morning but you never know I felt good about the morning last time as well!!!
  11. wedyan

    October 2019 Exam!

    I agree for the water resources but over all the AM was OK kind of. same for the PM I practiced a lot of calculation problems and worked hard on other topics like the shallow foundations and piles but it was different and harder that I was expecting.
  12. wedyan

    October 2019 Exam!

    is this your first time taking the exam? that's good you're feeling confident about it wish you to pass it
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