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  1. Bonsai

    MD is out!!!!

    I did! Thank you for the heads up. Just gotta wait for it to get approved by the board (hopefully today!) and we get those letters!
  2. Can I just adopt octuplets for a few weeks then give them back when the exam is over?
  3. Bonsai

    MD is out!!!!

    Oh man a whole week? I could get hit by a bus between now and then
  4. Bonsai

    MD is out!!!!

    Thanks. Would really appreciate knowing how long between results/issuing that email. Sorry for needling you about it but I'm so dang ready to throw those letters on my email signature!
  5. Bonsai

    MD is out!!!!

    Oh? The linked page says they mail them out 2 weeks after the exam results are posted. Will they send them by email? I definitely appreciate the people working there -- they did a lot to help me through the process of applying for the exam. I just got back from buying a thank-you card to send to the office
  6. Bonsai

    MD is out!!!!

    Now I'm just annoyed that we need to wait two weeks to get our registration #s to apply for the license. Why can't they just issue them online?!
  7. Bonsai

    MD is out!!!!

    Passed! Trying not to yell in the office right now
  8. I'm right there with ya tapping my foot. Breathe! Maryland usually gets its results the first day
  9. Looks like one of your questions should have check boxes instead of radio buttons -- people definitely used more than one reference!
  10. A combination of small/med cap, large cap, S&P, bond, and international funds. For a primer, check out
  11. I did not and will not, but have plenty of friends who are hooked into etherium/bitfinex. I've done everything I could to talk them out of it, but all they see is the numbers going up. I have no desire to put my own money on the line. I prefer my get rich slowly scheme of saving for retirement through index funds.
  12. That's fair. Maybe someday there will be a regulated, fair, and secure market. I will admit that it's not entirely fair to judge a concept based on early adopters, which tend to be idealists and criminals for the obvious reason that it's just not on society's radar yet. However, despite the potential social/tech merits, I do want to assert one reason that I personally believe blockchain is unsustainable in widespread use: Energy use. "Mining" for crypto entails billions of billions of repeated useless calculations that do nothing but waste electricity in the hope of obtaining the rights to the next batch of coins. Even when you put aside currency as a use for blockchain, every transaction requires that the ledger be propagated throughout the network, which, instead of being logged a few times in a database, has to be logged in literally every user's device. That may sound inconsequential, but make no mistake, it uses a massive amount of electricity relative to traditional, centrally-serviced transactions. Electricity is cheap, but it's not free, and we shouldn't treat it like it is. When electricity is freely available to everyone and has zero environmental consequences, I may change my tune.
  13. If you want to play with it and get a little more familiar with the concept, nothing wrong with throwing $100 and seeing what happens. I just wouldn't expect a profit. It's fiat, just like most most currency -- the difference being that traditional currency is backed by banks, governments, and is accepted by pretty much everyone, everywhere. Crypto is volatile, hackable, irreversible, accepted primarily by wannabe technocrats/criminals/scammers, and has very real technical limitations, especially Bitcoin. Example: Since the block size is 1MB and only expands once every 10 minutes, Bitcoin, being the most popular crypto, has already hit it's transactional limit (the amount of transactions that can be stored in 1 block), after which additional transactions are queued for the next block -- can you imagine checking every 10 minutes to see if your transaction went through?
  14. Everything about the major exchanges is sketchy as all get-out, and rife with risk. For example, one of the major exchanges, Tether, was hacked for 30m in assets as recently as last week. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, so that money is simply gone. Besides that, none of the money is backed by banks; you have to take it on faith that an exchange has the assets it says it has, and that they will be available to you should you decide to withdraw. The markets are also rife with manipulation, particularly wash trading. It should say something that two of the primary uses of Bitcoin at this point are money laundering and drug purchases. Blockchain is a potentially useful technology, but ripe for abuse and frankly wasteful in the enormous amount of electricity it uses. I would spend my money at a casino before I tried to conduct transactions on an opaque, irreversible market.
  15. Bitcoin is an eternal search for the bigger bag holder. Do not buy, and if you got in early, sell and take your profits.
  16. Bonsai

    Date Change

    Nope. Didn't change for me.
  17. Every time you quote this post increases your chances of passing by 0.5%.
  18. There's the hope that the results might be published tomorrow morning. Unlikely, but maybe since Thanksgiving was early this year, the results will be too....?
  19. You will very likely need a doctor's note verifying your condition and recommending a change in working posture in order to be accommodated. If you have a history of accommodation at school/work, it will help in rendering a decision for accommodation in your favor. I'm sorry to hear that your condition impeded your ability to perform on the exam. Hope you managed to pass anyway, but if think you did not, I would recommend that you see your primary care physician NOW, as these things can take time.
  20. It was a fair exam with a few tough problems. Most of the problems were straightforward, but a few were not. I'm confident that I cleared over 70% of both sessions, but you know what they say about counting chickens. I'm paranoid about revealing enough to be stalked out and have my exam invalidated, so that's all I'll say. I've cycled through the stages of grief a few times already. Here's to a few hundred more!
  21. I don't have that set of problems, but I definitely think A is the right answer.
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