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  1. ArkaKhiar

    August Test Results

    To the two engineers who were added to the official directory and awarded license numbers: congratulations! Also, I wonder what day they passed their exams. Turns out the issuance date listed is the same day that they're added to the public directory, so the lag is at least 28 days between passing exams and receiving a number.
  2. Thanks for the responses! I'm in California, my bad for the forum mislocation.
  3. Hello everyone! Like a lot of people here, I'm applying to take my PE Exam and ran into a little trouble with the engagement/references portion of the application. The preface: an individual who agreed to be my reference reviewed some samples of my work (they aren't part of the office I work at) asked for me to send the relevant paperwork to their address. After 2 weeks of not receiving the paperwork back in my snail-mail inbox, I wrote a quick email to them to confirm they received my paperwork; that was this past Tuesday. I still have not heard any response, unfortunately. The question: is it considered rude, pushy, or otherwise negative if I call and/or email them at least one more time in the coming week?
  4. Always happy to learn and help others learn.