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  1. Cutoof score most likely will be 60/80. Exam was easy this cycle😀
  2. I agree i took eet on demand breadth and construction depth and passed this spring cycle, and I highly recommend eet.
  3. Today is good day i really feel blessed, this is my second attempt taking construction exam and i passed, i can not say enough about eet and great people Their, especially samir who was really big support , really i’m grateful guys, congrats for whom passed, and for whom did not i will say keep hard working and you will pass next time, my score was 67% at first attempt but i did not give up, my advice is to have good review class, and get ncees references books ready , buy them now pass and sell them later, and of course do a lot of problems and practice ( take this issue seriously), tonight i will get drunk.
  4. 75sam

    Guess the date!

    Yes i got the survey also and i pass
  5. Kim told me the only frame of time they got is 8-10 weeks🤓
  6. 2 more days and we are going to passssss
  7. Spring result is always 34-35 days on Thursdays, this means may 17
  8. 75sam

    CA Specif Exams

    If you look back you will find that for spring exam, results are released after 34 - 35 days and it is always on Thursday
  9. I got 48/80 and the percentage was 67% i think it varies depending on depth and performance
  10. For construction depth i think 50/80 is enough to pass
  11. 34-35 days, it means may 17
  12. I adviced one of dudes at Reddit to delete discussion about a exam problem
  13. As i saw ,aci 318-14 is no more needed for construction depth, and instead now aci mnl-15 is required.
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