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  1. 75sam

    EET Review Course Spring 2018

    I agree i took eet on demand breadth and construction depth and passed this spring cycle, and I highly recommend eet.
  2. 75sam

    Celebrating and Venting About Results

    Today is good day i really feel blessed, this is my second attempt taking construction exam and i passed, i can not say enough about eet and great people Their, especially samir who was really big support , really i’m grateful guys, congrats for whom passed, and for whom did not i will say keep hard working and you will pass next time, my score was 67% at first attempt but i did not give up, my advice is to have good review class, and get ncees references books ready , buy them now pass and sell them later, and of course do a lot of problems and practice ( take this issue seriously), tonight i will get drunk.
  3. 75sam

    Guess the date!

    Yes i got the survey also and i pass
  4. Kim told me the only frame of time they got is 8-10 weeks🤓
  5. 75sam

    Where will you view your NCEES Exam Result?

    2 more days and we are going to passssss
  6. 75sam

    Can't believe I passed in Colorado

    Spring result is always 34-35 days on Thursdays, this means may 17
  7. 75sam

    CA Specif Exams

    If you look back you will find that for spring exam, results are released after 34 - 35 days and it is always on Thursday
  8. 75sam

    Structural Depth April 2018

    I got 48/80 and the percentage was 67% i think it varies depending on depth and performance
  9. 75sam

    Structural Depth April 2018

    For construction depth i think 50/80 is enough to pass
  10. 75sam

    April 2018 Results

    34-35 days, it means may 17
  11. I adviced one of dudes at Reddit to delete discussion about a exam problem
  12. As i saw ,aci 318-14 is no more needed for construction depth, and instead now aci mnl-15 is required.
  13. 75sam

    Any idea about TX reults?

    Thanks a lot
  14. 75sam

    Any idea about TX reults?

    Thanks a lot for your advice,i had eet reveiw class and i know that instructors are awesome, but i noticed that i missed some of very easy questions especially at morning time i do not know why, may be because of sterss and not getting enough sleep the night before exam at hotel,i will reveiw all videos and try to be more familiar with my references,I will nail this exam this time.