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  1. John_Kennedy

    Hey From Arkansas

    Thank you so much thejulie_PE. It's a pleasure to be apart of the community!
  2. John_Kennedy

    Hey From Arkansas

    Hey my name is John Kennedy. I graduated from the University of Arkansas in the Spring of 2016 with a BS in Biomedical Engineering with Pre-Med distinctions. I hold minors in English, History, and Mathematics. While attending University I contributed part time as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the development of optical imaging instrumentation and biomarkers for cancer diagnosis and monitoring tumor response to therapy. My first position out of University I held the role of Engineer/Designer for Advanced Lightening Technologies in Dallas Texas. I lead a team focused on R&D of advanced lightning protection systems using CAD and scale model simulations. I decided to move back to Arkansas to take the position of Principle Design Engineer for R&R Solutions in Gravette Arkansas. I oversaw all engineering projects, and custom design projects from the initial concept to the production run. I was let go from R&R after a very successful run with a few major companies. After that I took the position of design engineer for Berkley Industries where I was until 3 weeks ago. My primary focus is developing new and innovative mechanical and Industrial devices for a myriad of clients for a variety of needs. Basically, I've been in the field for around a year an a half an I'm now probably the only unemployed engineer around. I'm always looking for new opportunities and I really look forward to getting to know the people on the forum along with helping anyone I can with any problem they are having in their respective field. John