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  1. Table set up at exam

    3x3 or so? But it's all yours. This was at Pratt. It was bigger than the Ikea Norden folding table that I studied on (one leaf open at a time) in my tiny apartment.
  2. Table set up at exam

    NYC. Square card tables - one per examinee in a big gymnasium. I kept the most common books on my table and the rest in their bags on the floor.
  3. Stuff to bring to test

    The most extensive setup I saw at my exam was a dolly with three milk crates on it. Upon arrival, she rotated the milk crates so they served as a bookshelf. I hauled my books in two Ikea-style bags. That was insane (but I have a tiny apartment and it was how I studied, so I was used to it).
  4. The Running Thread

    I ran in the big snowstorm yesterday... in shorts! The run was nice but my knees were howling when I got inside. Lesson learned.
  5. The Running Thread

    First race of the year in the books: broke my half marathon PR by ~20 seconds. Completely unexpected - that PR is several years old and I trained really well for that race!
  6. The Running Thread

    If minimalistic shoes don't suit you, by all means switch! Or, I cycle through three shoes at any given time: Big: Saucony Ride - this was the shoe I took out of Jackrabbit Running when I started paying attention to my shoes Medium: New Balance Fresh Foam Zante - Saucony Kinvara has the reputation as the "perfect middle" shoe but I never liked them. This shoe delivered what I was looking for. Lightweight: I used to wear Saucony Fastwitch for this purpose but I haven't liked successive updates. Now I have a pair of adidas Boost adios. I've heard the Boost Boston is a "slightly more cushioned" version of this shoe and I'll try it when my Zantes wear out. I probably wear the Sauconys 50% of the time, the NBs 30% and the adidas 20%.
  7. I resemble your post up to here! (Adult me was more mature than college me...) I passed the first time.
  8. Cast Your Pod Here!

    I listen to the various NPR shows, but I mostly listen to hockey podcasts. RIP, Marek vs Wyshynski...
  9. NEW YORK License Number Watch

    Looks like they got them all done on Friday - including mine! Yes!
  10. NEW YORK License Number Watch

    Slow trickle today. I noticed the first person from my town to get a license but her name starts with a M.
  11. NEW YORK License Number Watch

  12. NEW YORK License Number Watch

    Rolling again today but it'd take a superhuman effort to get to me.
  13. NEW YORK License Number Watch

    Looks like several numbers added this morning and they've gone back to the beginning of the alphabet. This W is never getting his number...
  14. NEW YORK License Number Watch

    Why don't these people get licensed in their own state? /s
  15. The Running Thread

    I get at least maintenance mileage outside every winter, usually running a March half to keep my eyes on the prize. No treadmill - I have no gym access.