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  1. That's a relief. Thank you. Haha. I see. So I guess we just have to wait until December then. Thanks
  2. Partially yes. I think i have 5-7 erasures all in all. But I erased it neatly. Reason I ask is because here in our country, there is also a paper and pencil exam for engineering graduates for them to practice engineering professionally. The exam can be invalidated in case you have a messy answer sheet and the machine cant read it.
  3. Is there a history that NCEES invalidated an exam because the machine can't scan a particular answer sheet because of erasures?
  4. Hi am a Filipino Mechanical Engineer and new to this forum. Also, I just recently knew the importance of a US PE license when my company asked if anyone wants to acquire a US PE license. All fees and expenses to be paid by the company. I took and passed the FE exam last December last year. I am in the process of registering for an exam and I have some basic questions that I hope many PEs familiar to the application and registration process can help me. Here are some of the queries of my many queries that I hope you all have the patience to answer. 1. I passed the FE but did not apply for an EIT certificate. Can I directly apply to take the PE exam without having an EIT certificate? I am planning to take the PE in state of Louisiana. 2. Do I need to have a physical proof (certificate of employment) for my experience to be counted? Or a PE countersigned experience record is acceptable?
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