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  1. Congrats! I also just received my license number on Friday!
  2. They assigned my license number yesterday! It's been almost exactly 4 months since I received my exam results on May 16 (I took the chemical exam which is now computer based, so my results weren't released at the same time as the April exam).
  3. Anyone else still waiting? I just called them again and got someone that seemed much more helpful than previous people that I've spoken to. She said there was a hold on my file for some reason. She said that everything on my file looks good, there are no discrepancies, and they're not waiting on anything from me or anyone else. She then said she'd push my file through and I should get a license number by the end of this week or beginning of next week! I have no idea why the 3 people I've spoken to before today (over the past ~3 months) haven't told me anything about a hold. I asked the exact same questions each time (Can I have a status update on my PE license? Are you guys waiting on anything from me or someone else? Is there an estimate on when I can expect my license number?).
  4. I also called them yesterday to ask about my status. I took the chemical exam, which is now computer-based. So I actually took my exam on May 7th and received my results on May 16th instead of testing with the April group. When I called yesterday (6 weeks from when I got my results), the rep told me they haven't even received my results from NCEES yet. She also said that it often takes results from other exams (as in, exams not in the typical April or October test groups) to take longer to submit results to the state. So looks like I still have 4+ weeks until I might get my results, depending on when they end up getting my results....
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