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  1. Hi,

    I was reading your post and I would like to know did you take the EET Surveying Review Class or not? If you did, do you want to recommend? I took the survey exam and I failed for the first time, I studied for Meza and Masour's books for the exam and I failed the exam, so I am thinking to take the review class hoping the class can give me some tips to approach some lengthy problems that I faced in the test. Please share your experience if you took the EET class. Thank you.

  2. I am following all your posts from engineerboars.com. You mentioned that after Sep 18 is the last day to register for the CA Fall exams, so you mean if I don't get the approval email from BPELSG, since Sep 18 is over I cannot be able to take the Fall exams? I have been stressing over not getting replies and in the end i still can't take the exam. I saw some of them on the same boat got approval. I feel so frustrated.
  3. I submitted my application before July 5th 2017 with one time exemption too. I tried to reach CA Boards of Engineer a few time regarding my application status via phone and email. The latest email about 3 days ago saying that my application is still under technical review. I emailed again about whether I will be able to register for fall exams 2017 or not and they haven't replied yet. I tried to call them and it reached to the voicemail and nobody called me back. I am desperate to know the status too. I spent too many hours and money for the exams. Sent from my iPhone
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