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  1. This year: I'm obsessed with travel as well. I've been to Beijing, Rome, Florence and Venice thus far. I actually got my PE results while in Venice (passed). I need to focus on domestic travel more. Planning on doing a St. Louis Missouri trip and one other place (not planned yet) during Christmas vacation. Last year: Barcelona, Paris, London, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona. Planned on Hawaii, but had to cancel due to wisdom tooth extraction lol. Yes, I have enough vacation time and an awesome manager lol! ✈️
  2. Thanks for the positive insight and information Rugger. I'll check out the GBES practice test. Good to hear that it'll be much easier!
  3. Hello Electrical Brother! I completed my MSEE at Cal State Los Angeles. Great program with great professors. Had my company reimburse me at the end of every quarter (A = 100% reimbursement, B= 90%, C = 80%, D = NONE). Agreed, definitely not for the faint of heart. I'm sick in the head, I enjoyed the stress, fast-pace and being busy Lol! Looks like you absolutely had your hands full at home! Wew. I actually completed my BSEE in 2012. The experience at work tied many things together in theory during the MSEE. Loved how it worked out. Great to hear you enjoyed the challenge! 😎⚡
  4. This appears to be some sort of surge counter and/or AC leakage current monitor for the arrester.
  5. A few things: So I completed my masters in Power systems back in early 2016. Focused on getting my C.E.M. certification at the end of 2016. Started studying for the Power PE exam and passed. Looks like I did this the other way around compared to you. The masters in power helped tremendously in preparation for the PE exam, it helped me get a raise (and promotion) at work, put me at an advantage over other engineers, took up all of my time after work and more importantly, it solidified basic concepts for electrical engineering. It was definitely a challenge between research papers, presentations, quizzes, homework, tests and coordination with peers [and working full-time obviously]. It was absolutely worth it in my opinion. Compared to the PE Power preparation that I endured, they were both very challenging but the masters program had me up at night with very little sleep (2-4 hours per night for a year and a half). At times, it was just a huge load of work, not necessarily hard. Not sure on your masters program you're looking into but I chose the comprehensive examination instead of doing a thesis just so I could finish faster. If you can pass the PE exam, I'm sure you'd be able to do it for a comp. exam in a masters program. Conclusion: Do it if you crave the challenge, it's worth it!
  6. I had to take the PE exam twice. Both pretty damn different from my memory and experience. Not only that, but as someone else mentioned, they also switched between conceptual and mathematical. Second time [felt] harder yet I passed. For the second time, I studied even harder and gathered up more practice exams (first time I had about 5, second I had about 9 or 10). It was tough but just keep trying no matter how many times it may take you. DONT.GIVE.UP. You WILL pass I promise. Truly try to understands the basics. Keep it simple.
  7. Hello Fellow EB's, So after recently passing my Electrical Power PE (California) exam in April 2018, and already having my certified energy manager certification (industry I work in looks up to this certification), I was thinking about moving forward with the LEED Green Associate certification. I'd appreciate it if I could get suggestions on study materials/prep. courses for the Green Associate exam. I currently have with me: LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation Guide LEED v4 Edition LEED Core Concepts Guide (3rd Edition) Are there any recommended practice exams that I should purchase and look out for? THANKS.
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