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  1. My application was delivered to the Board on 10/6. On 12/4 they said they moved it to the pile where it should get reviewed. I've heard nothing. 3.5 months and counting for me.
  2. mhami

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    I submitted mine October 6, and heard on December 4 that it was being sent for review (taken off the 'gathering dust' pile). I realize it's the holiday season, this has been a long time with very little communication. I wish you better luck.
  3. mhami

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    Wow - I fedexed my first-time application 10/6 and was emailed 12/4 that the application was referred to technical review. Maybe less applicants in your last name range?
  4. mhami

    I'm still celebrating

    Maybe I'll take Friday off and celebrate again.
  5. I had a dictionary, didn't open it.
  6. Ditto, but took EET first time taking test and passed. I'm 30 years out of ChemE school
  7. mhami


    The young woman next to me stood up and took a video of the test room, then put her cell in her backpack on the floor. The devil on my shoulder thought this is on the proctors who are not saying anything, surely one of the HUNDREDS of people sitting behind her will rat her out. The angel on my shoulder won and ratted her out - ethics clause won out and to be fair it would suck to take the 8 hour exam and then have one of the several hundred people sitting behind her email NCEES after taking the exam.
  8. mhami

    EET Advice

    I'm a ChemE needing a CivE license for job; figured i needed more help in breadth. I took EET Breadth live, and EET Depth on demand. I really liked live because it was on a Saturday which gave me Sunday to do problems, then get help or do reviews during the week. I wanted to watch this semester's lectures which are posted Saturday night or Sunday early for on-demand students; you could watch last semester's lectures on Saturday if that is important and you want to save the money by taking on-demand. WRE depth had review sessions on Tuesday evening, taking the on-demand didn't give me enough time to get the problems done. I passed, first time, I'm 30 years out of engineering school.
  9. mhami


    PASSED!!!! WRE. Was at the job site and had to leave in my brand new construction truck because I was in tears of joy! Going home to day drink! Congratulations to others who've passed. I took EET. Obviously highly recommended and hopefully helpful to those who did not pass this time. Stick with it, take EET class.
  10. mhami

    Guess the date!

    Seems like if we guessed the date right (I did), we should pass the exam. Still waiting in CA.
  11. mhami


    Oregon is out?! wtf. No logical gracious responses please.
  12. mhami


    Now the f5ing can begin.
  13. mhami

    This Week...

  14. mhami


    As far as I can determine, bpselg does not have a chat function.
  15. mhami

    Guess the date!

    Board may be in by 8.