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  1. I graduated engineering school in 1989 in a different engineering than Civil. Took EET breadth and depth and passed WRE first try. Highly recommend!
  2. I took EET breadth and depth spring 2018 and passed both. 30 years out of school, first try. Highly recommend both. Hang in there - I was stunned I passed and super grateful. Wishing the same for you all!
  3. I didn't have a problem buffering. For whatever reason I could open video in Edge, but not Firefox. I could open pdfs in Firefox, but not Edge. Try changing browsers. If that doesn't work, it may be your wifi. At one point my husband changed our wifi box, removing the Xfinity and replacing with a unit by Apple which did not work as well as when we had the Xfinity box (great with mac, crappy with pc and idevices). When he put the xfinity back, I never had buffer errors again. Good luck!
  4. My license is listed. My expiration date is Sep 30, 2019 - is anyone else's expiration so soon? Does anyone know why this would be? I plan to email on Monday.
  5. Not mine yet. I'll post when I see it come through. Would be a nice Friday present before 3 day weekend!
  6. Not sure about the video loading. I had to use Firefox to get the pdf's to load. Try switching browsers?
  7. Seismic/Survey first attempt on both 30/30 20/15 5/10 pass/pass
  8. Passed seismic and survey! Congratulations to others who passed. For those who failed, keep trying and if you haven't already please do try EET courses.
  9. Hoping for a busy day tomorrow so the time goes faster.
  10. Seismic was at the beginning of the month. Felt confident on 20, 30 could go either way, 5 I had to guess. Took survey this last Monday and ran out of time - confident on 15, 25 could go either way, 5 educated guess, 10 were a complete guess. I'm a Chem Engr by degree and figured out that folks who largely deal with fluids don't do much with geometry after high school - the coordinate geometry is slow for me as I have to hand draw the trianges/angles. Oh well.
  11. Waiting with you for survey and seismic. Good luck! Nice that the month started mid week, hoping for the 13th so I know if I have to reserve vacation to study again...
  12. I'm not a Civil by degree. The AM breadth had some really unfamiliar questions to me, twists on the how the topic was presented/configured. I'm grateful I passed, good thing we don't need 90% though. One thing I have noticed is that WRE think there were so many structural problems, Structurals think there were so many WRE problems, everyone but Geotech think there were so many Geotech problems - really know your area for the afternoon and enjoy the benefit when it comes to seismic!
  13. Passed first try after lots and lots of studying. I took the week off (comp time, Agency gave me the test day off) and worked as little as possible by telecommute. I did not study the day before the exam, just packed and drove - I got a hotel near the exam because it's a 2.5 hour drive from my house. I downloaded some sleep meditation videos from Amazon to make sure I got some sleep. I made the mistake of having too much caffeine. On the upside the lines to the women's restroom are remarkably short. I also brought a pillow to sit on (friend recommended) which was oddly helpful. I panicked when the exam started. Just move on until you find a problem that seems easy, then go from there and come back to those you skipped. There is lots of time on this exam. Best wishes!!!
  14. My application was delivered to the Board on 10/6. On 12/4 they said they moved it to the pile where it should get reviewed. I've heard nothing. 3.5 months and counting for me.
  15. I submitted mine October 6, and heard on December 4 that it was being sent for review (taken off the 'gathering dust' pile). I realize it's the holiday season, this has been a long time with very little communication. I wish you better luck.
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