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  1. mhami


    PASSED!!!! WRE. Was at the job site and had to leave in my brand new construction truck because I was in tears of joy! Going home to day drink! Congratulations to others who've passed. I took EET. Obviously highly recommended and hopefully helpful to those who did not pass this time. Stick with it, take EET class.
  2. mhami

    Guess the date!

    Seems like if we guessed the date right (I did), we should pass the exam. Still waiting in CA.
  3. mhami


    Oregon is out?! wtf. No logical gracious responses please.
  4. mhami


    Now the f5ing can begin.
  5. mhami

    This Week...

  6. mhami


    As far as I can determine, bpselg does not have a chat function.
  7. mhami

    Guess the date!

    Board may be in by 8.
  8. mhami


    Yep. Last night I had a dream I logged on and saw red 'fail'. I've been working so much overtime, I plan to just leave after results are out today. Not that I appear to be particularly productive right now. Maybe I'll run out to my job site to make sure it's still there.
  9. mhami


    It's going to be a long morning.
  10. mhami

    Guess the date!

    I guess this is the other edge of the sword - will be a loooong morning on the West Coast! Hoping to see lots of screen shots with green today!
  11. mhami

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    The same could be said for Vikings. I fast forwarded through the gore when I was awake, didn't ff when it kept playing while I was asleep, got a little aggressive at work.
  12. mhami

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    I tried watching Housewives for a while, that didn't work out so well because it keeps playing when I'm asleep and then my daytime behavior was less than exemplary.
  13. mhami

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    When I wake up in the middle of the night I play Frasier, a great show, and it puts me in a happy place to go back to sleep.
  14. mhami

    Guess the date!

    Well if it's not this Thursday I'm going to be even more impossible to live with. I thought we'd get a prize if we guessed the date right.
  15. mhami

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    Sadly, no offense, I think we could reach 15k.